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Garna B/R Warriors

Commander / EDH*


This deck is warrior tribal. The goal of the deck is get on the board early with cheap warriors, and continue to apply pressure with resilient threats. The deck was inspired by Raider's Spoils, and with the release of Battlebond/M19, the deck was able to get enough cards to make a casual warriors deck

Every creature in the deck is a warrior. Changelings are not included

Garna is used to recover from a board wipe, provide card advantage, and to help apply pressure by giving haste.

Garna has synergies with the following cards:

  • Golgari Thug: dredge 4 cards with Golgari Thug and hopefully hit a few creatures to bring back with Garna
  • Tortured Existence: discard creatures to bring back other creatures, then bring the discarded creatures back with Garna
  • Erratic Portal/Cloudstone Curio: re-usable Garna Triggers
  • Phyrexian Scriptures/Nevinyrral's Disk: both wrath effects either require 1 or no mana when they wrath the board, so Garna can be used to bring the creatures back when the wrath goes off

My metagame has a lot of board wipes and graveyard synergies.

I am interested in the idea of building an aggro commander deck. I would like some opinions on what card draw should be used, which mana accelerants go well in an aggro deck, and how to keep pressure on 3-4 other players while still being able to recover from board wipes


Updates Add

Remove: Curse of Opulence Mountain Sword of Feast and Famine Kindred Dominance Gate to the Afterlife

Add: Necropotence Mana Echoes Eldrazi Monument Blasphemous Act Dark Prophecy


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This deck is Commander / EDH legal.

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