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Politics, intrigue, assassinations, alliances with dragons, the Underworld and vampires. Marchesa will do anything to keep her crown and that is exactly what this deck is designed to do. Her new Lieutenant is a dragon for the love of the gods! The old world is gone; it is time for change. From the Ashes is designed to illustrate this. Her murder of Brago, the King Eternal was an Act of Treason, hence why it is played. Blasphemous Act was included immediately because Marchesa would not hesitate to make those as well. Murder ... made blatantly obvious. Press into Service shows the totalitarian nature of Marchesa's reign; those who do not fight willingly are forced to fight.

Every Monarch has advisors and Garrulous Sycophant, Tomik and Teysa, Envoy of Ghosts are Marchesa's. Tomik has been added due to the amount of land-matters decks in my current meta. Assemble the Legion represents her gathering army. Knights of the Black Rose represent the most loyal of those men and women, those who were the Royal crest with honour. Adriana, Captain of the Guard represents the leader with treasonous ideology yet at first, still is required to do her duty. The Lieutenants of the Guard are represented in this manner as well. The Palace Guards represent the lowly guards that play their part. Protector of the Crown ensures that we may keep the Royal House of the Black Rose in power just a little while longer. The Stromkirk Noble and the Heirs of Stromkirk symbolise Marchesa's alliance with the vampires. If all this fails, we turn to Marchesa's powerful draconic allies: Tyrant's Familiar, Skyline Despot and Verix Bladewing, who at times brings his brother along for the fight. Underworld Cerberus is her literal attack dog. Bite of the Black Rose shows the lengths Marchesa is willing to go to to keep power. The Cruel Reality and Entertainment show the darker sides of a tyrant and her whims. Tyrant's Choice shows the choice a prisoner can make: either death or torture.

Some Monarchs claim divine intervention on their side. Marchesa has literal divine intervention from Razia, Boros Archangel and her friends: Basandra, Battle Seraph and the Firemane. They turn a blind eye to Marchesa's alliance with the vampires and the dragons. Palace Jailer gets rid of a traitor now and again.

Ghostly Prison and Crawlspace are put in to ensure that the Monarchy is not seized so easily by one's foes. Capital Punishment is included due to the habit of monarchs to execute heretics and traitors. Marchesa's Decree because she is the one whose word matters regarding law. Contract Killing because Marchesa has pulled this hat tricks in the past. Assassins such as Kiku, Kaya, the Royal Assassin and the elegant Thorn of the Black Rose are included to illustrate Marchesa's favourite form of bureaucracy. Espionage is not ruled out, symbolised by the Spy Kit and Xantcha, Sleeper Agent.

This is about it. I would love to hear suggestions and I hope you have enjoyed reviewing it!

Raven Rose.


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