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Gahiji Aggropolitical Warfare Sim (on a budget)

Commander / EDH* Budget Group Hug RGW (Naya) Tokens



A decently budget Gahiji deck, focused on the political aspects of Gahiji and the idea of choosing one or two other players at the table as your allies... until they're no longer needed, that is. Or nobody else is left. In this way, the deck operates as a semi-group hug, because obviously you want your opponents to be well-equipped to beat the crap out of each other (but, of course, while you still hold as much control as you can over the battlefield and the results of their petty squabbles... and you stoke the fire).

Definitely built more with casual fun in mind over competitive, but I have yet to fully playtest. Any comments and/or (fairly) budget suggestions are welcome!


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