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My take on a mid-range B/G deck that I play in local Modern tournaments. The deck synergizes powerful discard and kill spells with powerful, efficient creatures. Deck gains a lot of value with its artifacts through Glissa the Traitor. The Glissa Bauble draw engine coupled with Dark Confidant will net you a ton of cards for cheap and keep you ahead of the game. Extra card advantage and deck manipulation come from Grim Flayer triggers and Liliana the Last Hope(-2 ability).

The 4 Mishra's baubles help smooth draw phases, give you free draw step information/deck manipulation and give you free cantrips. They are especially nice to rip off the top with a confidant trigger. The baubles help to quickly fill the graveyard and get delerium active and Goyf to be huge ASAP.

Sideboard is specific for Tron, Combo, Graveyard and an extra Liliana vs grindy control match-ups.


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