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Fun with Endoparasitoid Extraterrestrials

Commander / EDH RBW (Mardu) Theme/Gimmick


"Alien" movie franchise themed deck. A wholesome blend of art and mechanics for that acid-burning, face-hugging, chest-bursting, xenomorphic flavor.

Excuse my lack of Benalish Hero. Because Banding. Elspeth and her Space Marines will take over there.

Sideboard is a listing of unused cards which could fit with the theme. Let me know if I've missed some. Besides Slivers.


Updates Add

Out: Assault Suit, Phyrexian Vatmother, 2 Mountains.

In: Expedition Map, Predator, Flagship, Fetid Heath, Cabal Coffers.

Assault Suit had been bugging me with Visionary Augmenter also covering that flavor role (and the flavor fail of putting an alien in the suit). Vatmother is leaving because it looked more "Alien" at first glance than now, after seeing it for a while.

Map, Heath, and Coffers come in to smooth mana and ramp some for the big spells. Predator is not a "Predator" reference (given they're not canon with the main "Alien" verse now). The deck was having trouble vs Flying, and the xenos needed a ship to hitchhike on.


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This deck is Commander / EDH legal.

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