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When I started playing EDH after making my Aurelia (now Gisela) deck I pulled an Atarka which eventually led to the creation of this deck. It's largely a theme deck, the theme of course being dragons but it has some fun combos and absolutely forces people to respond to most of your big plays.

Aside from Aurelia this is easily my favorite EDH deck that I've made. I think the most important factor in EDH is the fun factor- both for you and your opponent. When I go to FNM and someone pulls out Kaalia, Jhoira or Meren I know I'm in for a bad time. I already know what's in the deck without asking. I know how the turns will go, I know who is going to win and I know that it will not be fun. It will essentially be like playing Modern. That is what makes this my favorite deck. When you ultimate Sarkhan, cascade into a bunch of ridiculous dragons or amplify Kilnmouth Dragon to an absurd degree people may scoop but they laugh. Even when I lose this deck is a blast to play. Others may have differing opinions, but for me, that is what EDH is about.

Maelstrom Wanderer is an alternate commander if you're willing to risk it being countered, but Surrak gives quite a lot of protection. Probably my two favorite cards are Dragon Tempest and Kilnmouth Dragon . The former will sneak up on people as most don't consider it a priority for removal. The latter attracts hate immediately but if it sticks around you can really cause some havoc.

There are honestly so many fun combos in here I don't have room to discuss them all. It's not brimming with wincons but win or lose I guarantee you will have fun.


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It was pointed out to me that I was lacking a Steel Hellkite which was certainly unacceptable. Unfortunately for Mirrorwing Dragon the swap was an easy choice since I hadn't actually made sure there were enough things to target Mirrorwing Dragon with. You can be sure it will find a home in something with Rite of Replication.


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