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5-Color human tribal combo deck; take two. I built this deck from scratch so if you like it, I’d love an upvote.

The original idea for this deck was to get down a good mana base while getting Experimental Frenzy and Mana Severance into hand. Once Morophon, the Boundless is in the mix and you have severed out all your lands you are ready to roll with some massive frenzy’s and you shouldn’t need too much mana to play through a lot of cards. The problem with my original build is that I didn’t commit fully enough to what this deck wants to do. I was too caught up in including staple answers to common threats that in this deck just don’t work. It doesn’t matter if you have STP in your hand if Frenzy is on the board and hitting Blasphemous Act on the top of your deck is going to stop you dead in your tracks 99% of the time.

With the new build I want to get away from needing any particular piece for the deck to be good. Instead there are multiple pieces that make the deck better. Getting one is good. Get 2 or 3 working together and the deck should simply vomit itself all over the competition.

The new game plan looks like this. . .

Step 1: Ramp, Ramp, Ramp; getting Morophon out by turn 4 is very possible. Pain lands don’t hurt to cast rocks and they rarely hurt once Morophon is on the board.

Step 2: Cast your big commanding human lord.

Step 3: Start dumping the humans in your hand for value and cast other spells that make it even easier to find and dump your humans or increase the value when you do dump those humans.

Step 4: Win! (We’ll see how that works out)

What the deck wants to do and how we do it. . .

The deck wants to cast humans for free. We do this by having Jodah, Archmage Eternal or Fist of Suns on the battlefield with Morophon.

The deck wants to cast humans any time. Leyline of Anticipation and Vedalken Orrery make it so.

The deck wants the humans to keep on rolling and there are a few ways we’ll be able to do that; Frenzies, Land Management and running lots and lots of humans:

The whole deck was built on a desire to get nasty with Experimental Frenzy. I have added Chulane, Teller of Tales as a second Frenzy of sorts. We’ll find out but based on goldfishing I think Chulane is going to be the real dynamo in this deck. (note to self, may need more creature tutors!)

The biggest threat to this deck in release one was a heavy run of lands on the top of the library. We all know it happens. Before I decided to completely overhaul the deck I was already starting to put in more ways to interact with the library and in particular lands in the library. Mana Severance was in the original plan and then I added cards like Skyward Eye Prophets & Soothsaying. In the rebuild I considered all the options to burn lands off the top of my deck. Explore, Surveil, top-deck stacking, draw effects, land tutoring, shuffling, etc. This is the area where the deck needs the most tuning. How many of these do I need? What options are the best? I settled on top-deck stacking and weird draw effects for the most part. Sindbad & Fa'adiyah Seer & Cream of the Crop for example. Cream of the Crop is the card I am most unsure about in this deck but I want to try it out. *Note:Cream of the Crop+Chulane is insane in this deck.

Oh, Humans. When people talk about Morophon it’s all about how with it, you can now make Kobold tribal and ain’t that great (and I agree it is) but I’m the gas pole who says, “All Tribes Matter” and “it’s about time they made a decent human legend to lead my people home”. When you play 5-color human tribal you have a few creatures to choose from. Don’t believe me, there are 65 in my maybe board. Some of THEM may be better than the 37 I’ve decided to run. I removed every non-creature spell from my initial build I did not deem essential and in many cases I replaced them with a similar effect on-a-stick. Oblivion Ring becomes Banisher Priest. But I also want the deck to work without Jodah on the board so I considered every human casting cost with Morophon alone, on the board. looks a lot better in this deck than or . Saskia the Unyielding is the fairest of them all. The human package will always be up for tweaks. Is it worth running Auramancer with in the cost just in case I lose my Frenzy to the graveyard or someone blows up my Leyline? I’ll find out.

If I’ve got all this working, though not a Human, Seedborn Muse gives me all the mana I could possibly eat through a turn cycle.

Win Cons include draining the field with Warstorm Surge and Zulaport Cutthroat type effects, casting the entire library to win with Laboratory Maniac or simply overrunning opponents with a big board. The new build is better suited to wearing opponents down with attacks. Morophon does give other homo-sapiens +1/+1 after all.

Another trouble area for this deck is finding yourself with mana and nothing to spend it on. Running out of resources happens when you have the ability to play everything all the time. The deck only has a couple of mana sinks. It likely needs more. Any suggestions?

February 2020: First run of the updated deck and I took it in a 5 player matchup. Vs. Selvala, Nekusar, Arcades & I already forgot. I had Leyline of Anticipation in my opening hand. I went first. Leyline is destroyed before my 2nd turn. (Score one for Auramancer having a place in this deck.) Nekusar drained four of us but also filled my hand. Plus I had Chulane. Chulane is more insane than I even imagined. Not only does he fill your hand and ramp you for days, but returning card :Big Game Hunter or Saskia to you hand is powerful. You get the ETB but more importantly, if you don’t have a creature you bounce one to recast (Saskia is FREE!) and start the whole Draw/Ramp Chulane madness again. I definitely didn’t have all my pieces but this deck just exploded. I used Saskia to take out the Wall tribal player by attacking with the team to one-shot the Nekusar player. Then, I used all the creatures that were summoning sick on my attack to block Selvala’s 12/12 trampler, taking no damage and getting 5 Zulaport Cutthroat triggers, both opponents are at 5 and I finished them off my the next turn.

March 2020:Playing paper with 3 friends over google hangouts I managed to assemble these pieces before taking the match. Morophon+Jodah+Leyline of Anticpation+Cream of the Crop+Chulane. Nuts!


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