Have you ever sat down with a playgroup and known immediately who was going to win? It's probably that one person in the group running some variant of Food Chain combo, or High Tide. You want to be able to stop them but you hate playing "meta" commanders, generals who's builds are generally cut and pasted sets of 99 that are identical to the next. Well, here's a commander who most will agree isn't like that.

Tatyova is a nice gift to UG players who enjoy the colors for their flavor and mechanics, not just because it's a busted combination with busted commander choices coughRashmicough. Tatyova is extremely straightforward but still very powerful. Abusable, but managable. Most competetive edh players I know will immediately dismiss her because Tatyova costs 5 mana, and doesn't have an etb effect. All the same, if you build Tatyova and take her to locals, more than likely when the table sees you pull her out, at least one person will voice concern about what she's capable of. I've seen a few other Tatyova decks constructed a few different ways, but my personal deck I prefer to build as Stax. While I might not care for Stax generally, I very deeply enjoy Tatyova herself and I wanted to make her competetively viable.

Many of the card choices I went with might seem odd at first, like Seal of Primordium, but they're all intended to touch on other competetive strategies that you're likely to encounter. Using Seal as an example, it's a nice answer to Silence based combo decks, usually either Food Chain or Paradox Engine is your desired target. The deck is intended to focus on resource denial with some control pieces to help deal with established board states. As such, the win conditions need to be set up carefully, and you have to be comfortable pacing yourself and knowing when the right time is to drop a floodgate. Generous amounts of resource manipulation from various ramp spells and creatures, as well as letting Tatyova keep your card advantage running, are the tools that let the deck do what it wants to do even under some of the less fun cards like Stasis and Winter Orb. Once you get to the point where you're ready to vie for a winning play, you have a few options to push your win through quickly before the opponent(s) have a chance to wriggle free and recover-

Retreat to Coralhelm + Any creature that taps to put a land into play + Oboro, Palace in the Clouds or Ghost Town: Draws your deck out and drops all available lands. The addition of Alchemist's Refuge let's you cast anything to win at instant speed, ideally Words of Wind , or infinite life with Courser of Kruphix. While neither of these win conditions "win" immediately, the removal of all of your opponents permanents and the inability for them to play any others will generally be enough for the concession. If it isn't, you can tick away 3 command damage at a time, or equip Blackblade Reforged and put them out of their misery quickly.

Lore Weaver + Ley Weaver + Maze of Ith: swing with Ley Weaver and activate Maze, untapping it. Tap to untap Maze and another land, retap Maze on the "still attacking" Weaver, rinse and repeat infinitely, put the infinite mana through Lore Weaver and cause all opponents to draw their decks out. Much less painful than Words of Wind, but might be more difficult to keep the pieces around for the combo.


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