This deck is essentially Free Win Red -- an archetype that has a pretty good game 1 vs all other decks (hence the name "free win" as it will always almost guarantee a free game 1.) The added black helps dump your hand to turn Ensnaring Bridge into a soft lock much faster, and also allows me to not only look at my opponent's hand to decide ideal lines of play, but also allows me to pick off sideboard hate in games 2 and 3. The white splash is very much just a splash for lingering souls -- which can be used to swing underneath a bridge before you cast or discard your draw for turn, or as excellent chump blockers before a lock is established. White also gives excellent sideboard options and helps shore up the deck's worst match up in burn.

Ensnaring Bridge: Most decks win through combat damage. Ensnaring Bridge is a big ol' middle finger to most decks.

Blood Moon: Most decks are aggressive and greedy with their mana bases. Blood Moon is another big ol' middle finger to most decks.

Chalice of the Void: Stupid Aether Vial dodges this beautiful piece of hate... but not many decks play Aether Vial. Those decks aside, most decks cast much of their deck between the the range of 1 and 3 cmc. Would be a shame if one card turns of 1/3 of your deck...

Thoughtseize: Not really a lock in the sense that the above cards are locks, but it can help get rid of those pesky cards that might otherwise threaten locks. 10/10. Would cast again.

Collective Brutality: Also not lock in a traditional sense, but I had a hard time fitting it into other categories I had. Collective Brutality is a nice catch all. While it does not discard hate as well as Thoughtseize, it does an excellent job of getting rid of cards in my hand for Ensnaring Bridge, and pinging any small creatures that may have landed on the board.

Liliana of the Veil: Also not as hard of a lock, but she does limit your opponent's options. Landing her on turn 2 can often win games.

Pentad Prism : Mana fixes and can be used to dump your hand very quickly for Ensnaring Bridge. Can also be used to play 4 drops on turn 3.

Simian Spirit Guide: Rarely cast, but being able to cast Chalice of the Void on turn 1 to negate 1 drops without your opponent having chance to respond can effectively ruin a lot of decks. Blood Moon on turn 2 can have similar rage inducing effects.

Faithless Looting: Ramps into a more effective Ensnaring Bridge faster, has flashback to be used with Chandra, Torch of Defiance's ult. It also helps dig for locks in the event I do not have one.

Chandra, Torch of Defiance: We can often win by just using her first +1 over and over again. But when that does not work, her ultimate can also close it out pretty quick. Her -3 can also help ping creatures that we otherwise do not want to see. Can occasionally come in turn 2 with a either 2 Simian Spirit Guides, or a Simian Spirit Guide + Pentad Prism .

Ajani Vengeant: Can keep a land or creature locked down, and his Lightning Helix ability can come in handy. If he ults, you just win. Especially under a Blood Moon. Can occasionally come in turn 2 with a either 2 Simian Spirit Guides, or a Simian Spirit Guide + Pentad Prism .

Koth of the Hammer : accelerates mana so you can finish dumping your hand, and his ult will just win games -- easily being able to ping both creatures and players. Can occasionally come in turn 2 with a either 2 Simian Spirit Guides, or a Simian Spirit Guide + Pentad Prism .

Lingering Souls: Can chump block to buy time or can be used as an evasive threat under an Ensnaring Bridge. Flashback can also be deadly with Chandra, Torch of Defiance's ult.


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