Always liked reanimator mechanics, but didn't have the budget for a graveborn legacy/vintage deck? well, this is a simple but fun not-only-reanimator pauper deck, ready for you!

Main reanimating card is Exhume, there are also 2 little Unearths for the smaller creatures, but the deck isn't centered around these cards only!

1.Ulamog's Crusher: the biggest pauper threat, can be played even at the second turn, if discarde at the first with Raven's Crime, and Exhumed later. keep in mind that it isn't a black creature, and can be killed easily with some removal.

2.Striped Riverwinder: easiest to play, can be cycled in any moment to be then resurrected. The only way to kill him (apart from combat) is an Edict, so it should be almost always safe, and ready to torment your opponent!

3.Gurmag Angler: this big guy can join the party without being even discarded! All you need is to remove those useless cards from your graveyard, and that's all!

These boys will help you looking for the spells you need, or fetching creatures from the local graveyard.

1.Screeching Skaab: this failed experiment will feed your Gurmag Angler, or, with some luck, find some big creature to exhume. Don't mind for the spells that get discarded, they can be sometimes used again

2.Rotting Rats: they help in discarding to-be-exhumed creatures, and are a little bit annoying for your opponent. Also, they are ready to come out from the graveyard, if needed!

3.Dimir Infiltrator: can deal some unblockable damage, and enables you to search in your Dimir toolbox!

In this deck there are a lot of discard cards, meant to make you get your creatures into the graveyard to be resurrected later, but these cards can also of course be used against your opponent.There are also 3 removals, to help a bit.

1.Raven's Crime: good 1 turn spell, can be used again later, also if it is discarded with Careful Study or Screeching Skaab, while feeding some unuseful lands to your Gurmag Anglers

2.Rotting Rats: can also be used from your graveyard

3.Consult the Necrosages: you can choose between drawing, or using it to empty your opponent's hand

4.Ghastly Demise: good 1 drop removal, becoming better while the game goes on

5.Doom Blade: the one and only!

These useful cards can be fetched with the Dimir Infiltrator Transmute ability,in order to help you in difficoult moments!

1.Apostle's Blessing: saves your creatures (mostly the Little Eldrazi) from your opponent's spells

2.Exhume: if you didn't find it in your hand or while drawing cards

3.Doom Blade: if there is some annoying creature you want to remove quickly

Can also fetch Rotting Rats and Screeching Skaab, if needed. Remember that you can Unearth the Dimir Infiltrator later

-Hydroblast: against mono-red decks, should be switched with Mizzium Skin

-Contaminated Ground: against Tron decks, best instead of Ghastly Demise and Doom Blade, but you can choose which cards you want to switch it with. Remember that it can be fetched with Dimir Infiltrator

-Death Rattle: against black decks, should be put in instead of the removal cards, because they can't target black creatures.

-Echoing Decay: vs token deks, also instead of the removal cards. Can be tutored with Dimir Infiltrator, too

-Shred Memory: against graveyard-based decks, should be switched with Dimir Infiltrator, for they have both the transmute ability

This is it, hope you find it fun! Check my other decks, if you want, and help this one by leaving a big upvote!


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