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So I've been a long-time Magic player, with atleast 95% of my experience being casual. I've decided that I want to step it up a bit and build a unique, competitive deck to take to places like FNM. I'm trying to build it in standard, preferably without any cards from the Zendikar block since I won't have time to take it anywhere before that goes out of standard. Constructive criticism is very welcome.



gman says... #1

I'm currently in the works with a very similar deck myself. I've considered similar venues of Melt Terrain however I would suggest Tectonic Rift in place of such card and get a play set as well. This will set the opponent back a land and also open the field to an almost unblockable attack that the battlecry mechanic can take advantage of.

July 8, 2011 10:18 p.m.

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