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Playing Control

Control is the art to create a board state where you can't lose.

The tricky question is how to get there.

When should I not play a Control deck?
If there is a over representation of stax in your Meta Control is a bad choice.

When should I play Control?
For evrey other Meta Control is a fine choice.

Basic Concept of the Deck

There are some absolute truths in magic, these are 'Card draw' + 'Mana' win games.

What we are trying to do is come to a point where we have either a lot of Island in play or enough artificial mana with cards like Gilded Lotus, Caged Sun or Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx.
And at the same time we want to be drawing cards like our life depends on it. This can be achieved with Arcanis the Omnipotent, Azami, Lady of Scrolls or just with cards like Recurring Insight.
This will open the way for us to find the right interaction to destroy the opponents board and protect our own. From this point on winning is only a question of time.

Politics and the evil Counterspell

"I'm going to focus the no fun Counterspell player" The guy that always looks angry in your store.

"I'm hitting you because you play mono blue" The guy you forgot the name, but are to shy to ask again so you always call him with 'dude'.

"You have a evil personality thats why you play blue" The guy who always brings his dog in the store.

Every mono blue player knows these kind of accusations, they are part of EDH politics, a often over looked part of EDH but an essential part to winning.

Don't be shy to indicate how threatening somebody els boardstate is or how easy somebody els could commbo off from his boardstate. But don't go over the top, don't tell them how to play or attack, just try to gentle lead them in a direction if possible.

Counterspells have a huge negative impact on politics, don't throw them around like a madman. Let other people play as long it is not really threatening, loses you the game or destroys your entire board. Keep in mind there is no board state a good Cyclonic Rift can not turn in your favor.

Politics is the human dynamic inside of a game of magic, making a game pleasant but at the same time abusing the positive human effect you have on the game to win it, that are politics. A skill hard to master and not for everybody.

Early Game

The most important task in the early game is to hit all your land drops.

Trying to look innocent/unthreatening is the next important task, especially versus fast creature decks, don't make your self the target.
You don't win a price if you vomit all your fast mana rocks on the field when your hand has no pay off, you will only just eat damage and removal.
Politics are big in the early game, you don't want to run wild with your counterspells unless you absolutely have to, with the exception of Mental Misstep there Sol Ring because that's always hilarious.

The transition from early to mid game can be the biggest challange, but if done correctly you have already won, the other players just don't know yet.

Mid Game

We now come into the boardstate were we can resolve pay off cards and protect them if needed.

The longer we are looking innocent/unthreatening the better, we are under no time pressure our opponents are even if they don't know it.
At this point it is good if our opponents have really threatening boardstates, because we know we can cast cards like Cyclonic Rift at any time, but again we are only doing so if we really need to.

Establish your soft locks like Stormtide Leviathan, Tidespout Tyrant or anything els.

The transition from mid to late game can sometimes be done in a single turn.

Late Game

You should now have 'Mana' + 'Card Draw' and control over the game, since its multiplayer you will never have 100% control over the game so you still need to evaluate what to counter and what not but you can be more liberal now.

Don't be Mr. Nice Guy now, you have long past the point of no return, find/create your wincons and end the game. Don't try to durdle for to long. Not only because there is always a chance they will draw that one card to turn the game around, but just to keep the salt level low.

If you are playing Mono Blue it is important to have the right interaction for the right meta.
Right now with cards like Dismiss , Exclude and Cryptic Command the deck is build to fight other slower value grinding decks.
But if your meta is more focused on all in fast combo you want to play Counterspells that are more low to the ground like Flusterstorm, Force of Will and Pact of Negation.

Surprisingly blue has one of the best creature "removal" in long games Capsize the most versatile "removal" in blue. The other options are Pongify/Rapid Hybridization and Reality Shift. Since you are mono blue there is a very real chance to lose to Iona, Shield of Emeria, if that is in your meta think about playing Scour from Existence and make sure to find it early in the game to not get locked out.
We are also running a Maze of Ith because how hart it often is for other people to interact with lands.
Easier to interact with for your opponents is the Stormtide Leviathan but if protected or untouched he can lock entire decks out of the game.

One of the unique characteristics of blue are its board bounces, the best is Cyclonic Rift by far. In the deck is also Evacuation because of instantspeed and Scourge of Fleets while only conditional it is also a one sided effect.

What we don't have is dedicated artifact or enchantment removal in mono blue. This requires some work around with Cyclonic Rift and Capsize. Always keep that in mind if you decide to Counterspell artifacts or enchantments.

Everybody knows the situation where you get hit early and now have a low life total. Our only way to get lost life back is with Venser's Journal, so don't just throw it right under the bus.

Sakashima the Impostor is the 'Swiss army knife' out of all our creatures. Archaeomancer + Sakashima the Impostor and enough mana lets you loop anyspell like Cyclonic Rift or Expropriate. Talrand, Sky Summoner/Docent of Perfection  Flip and Sakashima the Impostor can win a game in a heart beat. The more you play with him the more hidden interaction you will find.

Azami, Lady of Scrolls is a real powerhouse in this deck. Since your Commander is a wizard you should have at least two. Drawing cards wins games and Azami, Lady of Scrolls will draw you tones of cards and catapult you in a boardstate where you can't lose. Especially Forbid + Azami, Lady of Scrolls can lock down entire games.

Rite of Replication is a perfect card to close out games on Tidespout Tyrant/Stormtide Leviathan/Docent of Perfection  Flip.The card is best when you are already in control of the game but still need to close it out.

Why do you play Jace, Unraveler of Secrets if you could play Jace, the Mind Sculptor? The biggest problem with Jace, the Mind Sculptor is that once it hits the table evreybody will stop what they are doing and kill it, thats why it is just not worth it. On the other hand Jace, Unraveler of Secrets does not look threatening and sometimes can life with out the need to protect him at all cost.

Guile is a double edged sword, the same as Jace, the Mind Sculptor he will make you the target at the table. Always keep that in mind when you evaluate the boardstate, because it could just be better to not cast Guile to keep pretending to be innocent.

Why is ther no Mana Crypt? Right up front Mana Crypt is never a bad card. But it really shines in decks that want to end the games fast, so the more you build your deck to focus on a game ending combo the better it gets. But it's a fact that Mana Crypt can be a real cost on your life total and since we are going for the long game can really burn you down. Looking at the arguments I would say you can just play Mana Crypt but it is not really needed.

Because of some house rules the deck is right now not running a combo, but is only one card away to support a combo kill.

If you want a Combo, you only need to add Palinchron.

Palinchron can go infinity with 6xIsland and Caged Sun or High Tide (you need 6 untapped Island after you cast High Tide).
You tap all your Island's for 12x cast Palinchron for 7x, you now have 5x left in your mana pool. Palinchron now untapps all your Island's, now you bounce Palinchron back to your hand for 4x and thats leaves you with exactly 1x.
So for evrey circle you gain 1x and 1 Storm, thats ends in infinity and infinity Storm.

But what to do now with infinity mana and infinity Palinchron cast?

Capsize/Tidespout Tyrant to bounce your opponents board.

Blue Sun's Zenith to first draw your entire deck and use cards like Azami, Lady of Scrolls, Anticipate and even Cryptic Command to redraw the Blue Sun's Zenith from the top then let your opponents draw until they lose.

You could add Brain Freeze to the deck to storm your opponent dead.


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