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Concept: Red aggro.

What You Do: Use cards like Crossway Vampire , Traitorous Blood , and Nightbird's Clutches to make sure cards like Bloodcrazed Neonate and Stromkirk Noble swing through.

There's nothing quite like a first turn Stromkirk Noble followed by a second turn Furor of the Bitten . There's also nothing quite like a second turn Bloodcrazed Neonate followed by a third turn Curse of Stalked Prey and Furor of the Bitten ... come turn four, you have a sitting pretty 6/5 Bloodcrazed Neonate that's only ready to get bigger.

This is a swing out deck. All in. Get them before they get you.

Other: DESPERATELY seeking comments. +1 if you like it, please. Thanks for looking.

Credit: @Uphoff for the Volt Charge suggestion. @EC4L for the Tezzeret's Gambit addition. @OmegaSerris for the Hero of Oxid Ridge addition.


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