This is a fun Budget/Casual Energy-deck featuring Aethersquall Ancient .

All feedback is greatly appreciated!


The goal of this deck is to get Aethersquall Ancient onto the field. I am going to use creatures early game to generate energy so that when Aethersquall Ancient gets onto the battlefield it bounces all my other creatures as well, allowing me to re-play them the next turn to re-fill my energy and re-bounce all other creatures on the field!


I've already discussed Aethersquall Ancient , so I won't talk about it again. The majority of the creatures are here to either crew Aethersphere Harvester or stall out the game until I can get to Aethersquall Ancient .

  • Aethersphere Harvester: This card is a second win-condition for this deck. 5-toughness keeps it from getting destroyed by a lot of Red removal spells or cards like Grasp of Darkness. It is even 3-mana, making it a bit difficult for people to use Fatal Push to clear it. Flying and Lifelink help me stall out the game and get some damage onto the field while I am waiting to play Aethersquall Ancient .

  • Aether Swooper : Can crew. Also works well with Era of Innovation for two reasons: first, you can create the Servo and then pay the 1-mana to get the energy right back. The Servo can also then be used to Crew! but even just playing the Swooper triggers Era of Innovation since he is an Artificer! Lots of room for solid energy-generation here.

  • Aether Theorist : 3-energy is a lot for 2-mana, he can crew Aethersphere Harvester, or he can scry to help make sure we are getting what we need.

  • Minister of Inquiries: 1-power can Crew, and it's just a 1-drop to include in this deck.

  • Thriving Turtle : Another 1-drop for this deck. The Turtle can be a decent blocker early on and is also a place to dump energy if I am really struggling.



I'll only discuss the cards not previously mentioned.

  • Padeem, Consul of Innovations: She is an Artificer, synergizing with Era of Innovation , and she provides artifact protection as well as card draw!

  • Shielded Aether Thief: Flash can allow you to save the mana if you have other plays, such as Glimmer of Genius or Aether Meltdown . Can generate energy, and can draw a card if I am looking to create card-advantage.

  • Aether Meltdown : Can prevent too much damage from being dealt. Can create scenarios where Shielded Aether Thief can block a creature that it otherwise wouldn't be able to block without dying. A great sideboard option against Creature decks.

  • Censor : Great counter-spell, cheap mana-cost, ability to cycle. Must-have for any blue deck.


I've been trying to tweak this deck for a long time, make sure it feels right, and here are my opinions:


  1. It moves really slowly at the moment. Missing a land-drop or two almost certainly spells disaster.

  2. With four copies of both Shielded Aether Thief and Aether Meltdown , this deck was really only suited to go up against Creature decks, and even then it was a bit of a struggle.

  3. My sideboard didn't really give me any ways to change up the play-style to properly adjust to who I was playing against.

  4. Aethersphere Harvester is a work-horse for this deck. I really like what it does, so I am for-sure keeping the 4 copies and making sure I keep 4 copies of both Aether Theorist and Minister of Inquiries to make sure I have something to help Crew it. Even Thriving Turtle can rise to the occasion if I use it's ability once.


  • I am adding Hedron Archive to the deck. It allows for potential turn-5 Aethersquall Ancient , or can be used to proc Era of Innovation .

  • I am adding Era of Innovation . There are 9 Artifacts in this deck now. This card can provide energy-generation as well as card-draw, both of which are very good things for this deck.

  • I am adding a couple copies of Glassblower's Puzzleknot as well. Scrying is a huge asset in a blue-deck, plus this gives me a chance to play the ability again in the late-game.

  • I changed my Sideboard to allow for greater diversity. Confiscation Coup, Censor , and Aether Meltdown in the sideboard allow me to swap in as-needed to provide whatever edge I might need.

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