A colourless voltron equipment deck with a tiny little 1/1 commander at the helm. Plan A is to load up the thopter with equipment and fly in for commander beats.

Hope of Ghirapur's real advantage is its cheap casting cost and natural flying. Ideally, I'd like to keep the CMC low so I can cast Hope on turn 1 and start flying in for damage on turn 2. Ideally by turns 3/4 I've started equipping gadgets so Hope is dealing more than 1 damage per turn.

Plan B involves using the same equipment on other creatures:

Maybeboard contains the things I plan to add over time as budget permits.

Inspired by Kugisho MXY7 Ohka *Extreme Budget* and Hope, and all her implements..

Suggestions and comments welcome.


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I suspect The Immortal Sun might be an EDH trap where people throw it in everything but it'll have little impact in anything.

Having said that, I think it makes sense here. I was already running Staff of Nin for the extra card draw, so upgrading the Staff to The Immortal Sun seems like a no-brainer. As a bonus, it also reduces the cost of all my spells, makes my commander a tiny bit larger and hoses planeswalkers.

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