This deck is looking to overwhelm the opposition with an elf-ball strategy while also adding in the opportunity to make all of my creatures extremely large or take infinite turns and edge out a win with a dominant board presence. I chose to go with card:Derevi,Empyrial Tactician because I like the interaction that I could have in white and I also really like her ability to untap things when a creature I control deals combat damage. This will allow me to extend my turns, hopefully either doing more combotastic things or just holding up mana should I need it.

We want to cast low CMC elves fast and early to generate extra mana through the elf synergy we all know and love. Although elves are typically very fast, we want to land some of the staxy pieces and combo protection to sure up a line for the win. Once those critical pieces are in place, we can pursue our lines for a win.
This is our primary win condition, Hermit Druid + Nexus of Fate combo. Tutor for and successfully cast Hermit Druid . This can be done a number of ways with the different creature tutors in the deck. Activate his ability milling the entire deck and once Nexus of Fate hits the bin, it is automatically shuffled into the library. This can also be accomplished with Cephalid Illusionist + Nomads en-Kor . As long as there is sufficient mana to recast Nexus of Fate each turn using card:Derevi, Empyrical Tactician ability to untap the necessary mana, take infinite turns and win. Preferably you want to do this into an empty board while you have plenty of attackers.
With a decent board of elves (3 to 4) which include either Elvish Archdruid or Priest of Titania and either Mirror Entity + Wirewood Symbiote or Temur Sabertooth + Wirewood Symbiote we can infinitely bounce and recast Wirewood Symbiote , which allows us to untap a target elf as many times as we so desire. This will generate as much mana as we could ever want. This can be dumped into Ezuri, Renegade Leader to pump my elves to some large number. There are several tutors that will go to search for our win-condition which is either Craterhoof Behemoth or End-Raze Forerunners which, through the process previously described, can be bounced as many times as desired to make the team gigantic, then finally swinging away for the win with combat damage.


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