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Flower Adaptation (Najeela Stax)

Commander / EDH* Competitive Five Color Stax


Competitive 5c Stax.

Similar plan as with Blood Pod: Slow the board, combo out.

Wincon: Najeela, the Blade-Blossom + Derevi, Empyrial Tactician/Druids' Repository + at least N creatures (see Math section).

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  • Blood Pod (Tymna/Tana):

    1. Access to blue.
    2. We can run more stax pieces and interaction since we only need to devote 1 slot to our wincon (2 for redundancy). Blood Pod needs to run at least 5 with redundancy. This could be offset by the fact we need to run more card draw engines since we have none in the command zone.
  • Tippy Tappy Tymney Thrassy (Tymna/Thrasios):

    1. Different game plan since this is full control with both reactive and proactive capabilities that tries to win by locking the board (different set of stax suite).
    2. No access to red (like that's a bad thing...).
  • Glissa Stax:

    1. Access to blue and white. Can't have stax without white :D.
  • Nath Stax:

    1. Access to blue and white. Can't have stax without white :D.
  • Jodah Enchantress? LINK

    1. Hasn't mature enough, but had potential at the time of writing.

More coming soon... (suggestions are welcomed)

32 lands total. This could go up at least one more, but I wouldn't got down below that number.
  • Duals/fetches: We run them all.

  • Rainbow lands: Since we don't care about damage (Najeela grants lifelink), we can run almost all of the less restrictive ones. Forbidden Orchard might be the only exception, since it can be counter productive to our winning line.

  • Shock lands: Since we only need for Najeela and a couple of other spells, the duals + rainbow lands it's enough. Not using any of the shock lands with to make room.

  • Horizon Canopy: Since we don't care about the damage and we are on enough duals/rainbows for color fixing, the draw can be impactful.

  • Gaea's Cradle: We run more than enough creatures to exploit it.

  • Cascading Cataracts: Reduces the colored mana requirements when comboing off.

Pretty normal package on a list with access to all colors. Mostly inspired by Blood Pod lists, since good blue stax pieces are hard to come by:

Please see testing section for possible inclusions.

We are on five colors, so we run the best of the best:

Counter magic

Think of this deck as Blood Pod + (main reason to play it at all).

Flusterstorm, Mana Drain, Mana Leak, Negate, Spell Pierce, Swan Song (swan might be risky).

Targeted Removal

Not running any removal that gives creatures to opponents to avoid clashes when trying to combo off.

Board wipes

  • Cyclonic Rift: Best board wipe in the game.

  • Fire Covenant: One sided creature wipe, helps clear out blockers.

  • Toxic Deluge: Since we are on the 'not-wide' strategy, not overcommiting is important.

  • Zealous Persecution: One sided creature wipe that helps prepare the board to punch through.

Since we have the advantage of our wincon in the command zone, we need ways to get ahead within the 99.
  • Azra Oddsmaker: Can be risky since you can be down on cards by the time you can use it, but it's been pulling it's weight so far.

  • Mindblade Render: Only reason this is being ran over Dark Confidant is that the creature type is very relevant (body as well).

  • Mystic Remora: Go fish?

  • Rhystic Study: Soft sphere or draw engine? Your move.

  • Sylvan Library: Probably the best draw permanent in the game. Sadly it's green :puke:.

  • Tymna the Weaver: We care about combat damage and it only benefits us. Auto include.

Couldn't find a better place for this cards:
  • Derevi, Empyrial Tactician: By far the best combo piece. Easiest to combo off with and it can clear a path by tapping blockers. Please see Math section.

  • Nature's Will: Second best combo piece. Please see Math section.

  • Noxious Revival: Our only recursion spell. This is a flex slot and can be anything (will probably become Containment Priest again, since I think we are low on bears).


Minimum requirements for each card to be able to combo off on the first attack, assuming you:

  • Are tapped out (unless stated otherwise).
  • Have at least one player that can't block (in some cases more than one player).
  • Najeela in play.
  • The card in play.
  • Attackers survive combat.

Bear Umbra:

  • 1 Warrior able to attack (enchanted with Umbra) + from 5 lands.

Sword of Feast and Famine:

  • 1 Warrior able to deal combat damage (equipped with Sword) + from 5 lands.

Nature's Will:

  • 1 Warrior able to deal combat damage to 1 player + from 5 lands.
  • 1 Warrior and any other 1 creature able to deal combat damage to 2 players + from 3 lands (sources can overlap since you can untap the lands twice).
  • 1 Warrior and any other 2 creatures able to deal combat damage to 3 players + from 2 lands (sources can overlap since you can untap the lands three times).

Derevi, Empyrial Tactician:

  • from at least 1 land/dork/rock (usually 3 since Command Tower, Birds of Paradise and Mox Diamond are the only permanents that allow you to go off on their own and you can add mana between triggers) and any of the following:
    • 1 Warrior and any other 3 creatures able to deal combat damage.
    • 1 Warrior and any other 2 creatures able to deal combat damage + 1 extra mana.
    • 1 Warrior and any other 1 creature able to deal combat damage + 2/3 extra mana of different colors.
  • 1 Warrior or any 2 creatures able to deal combat damage + Bloom Tender + 1 other source able to tap for black mana (or only 1 Warrior if there's a black permanent in play).

Druids' Repository:

  • 1 Warrior and any other 4 creatures able to attack.
  • 1 Warrior and any other 3 creatures able to attack + 1 extra mana.
  • 1 Warrior and any other 3 creatures (or 2 Warriors and any other creature) able to attack + 2/3 extra mana of different colors.

Gaea's Cradle/Priest of Titania + Cascading Cataracts can reduce the amount or type of lands/creatures required to enable the combo with Nature's Will or Derevi, Empyrial Tactician.

Cryptolith Rite and Phyrexian Altar require way too much on their own (or another piece) to be viable. I'm not even gonna go into those.


Thanks to Apotheosis616 for this whole section!

This is assuming you have all the right pieces in place to combo on your turn, your opponents have no blockers, all warriors deal 1 damage, each opponent has 40 life, and you have two warriors on the field able to attack. (Parenthesis indicate total damage dealt).

  1. 2 warriors attack they create 2 more, now you have 4 warriors that deal 4 damage (4).
  2. 4 warriors -> 4 more warriors, you deal 8 damage (12).
  3. 8 warriors -> 8 more warriors, you deal 16 damage (28).
  4. 16 warriors -> 16 more warriors, you deal 32 damage (60) one person is dead.
  5. 32 warriors -> 32 more warriors, you deal 64 damage (124) the remaining two people are dead

More coming soon (or not)!

The whole list is a test, but these are the cards I don't consider to be so obvious in including:

Currenlty testing:

  • Nature's Will: Easier to setup than Druids' Repository. It's 4 CMC which mostly can't be fetched with Zur, but that doesn't come up as much as I thought. Weak to moons.
  • Azra Oddsmaker: Testing as Edric replacement. Plus it's a warrior.
  • Zealous Persecution: Mini one sided wrath that clears the board of most chump blockers. It even get's Najeela up to 3 toughness, which it's relevant.
  • Toxic Deluge: Since we don't try to go as wide as possible, I've found cases where I would like to be able to cast it so I can reset the board and start setting up our win with less blockers in play.
  • Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite: We don't run a reanimation package. Hard casting it it's easy, but our main goal is to win as thinly as possible (only going wide enough).


  • Druids' Repository: Replaced by Nature's Will. Repo is still a great card, but the more I go the thin-not-wide line (less wide, less creatures simultaneously in play), the more Will seems like a better fit. It can't be fetched by Zur, but that's a corner case that's even just a sub-optimal play (too telegraphed).
  • Arcane Adaptation: The namesake for the deck, but I realized after my first game that it was just dead weight.
  • Stomping Ground: Red and green are not needed as much and it was cut when I went from 34 to 32 lands.
  • Blood Crypt: Even though we need black for all the tutors, this seemed like the weakest land to cut when I went from 34 to 32 lands.
  • Steam Vents, Sacred Foundry, Temple Garden: Realized Najeela gives lifelink, added City of Brass, Tarnished Citadel and Horizon Canopy.
  • Sin Collector: Not impactful enough for the cost.
  • Edric, Spymaster of Trest: Not 100% sold on taking it out, but with so many Tymna decks out there, it's hard to leverage it above the rest of the table.
  • Ad Nauseam: We make this card cost more and gain nothing from casting it during our turn.
  • Notion Thief/Alms Collector: We don't run any wheels and it's not what we want to be doing with 4 mana.
  • Tetsuko Umezawa, Fugitive: Makes 18 other creatures unblockable (plus the Najeela tokens), which makes getting through blockers easier but, it doesn't allow Najeela to attack profitably. Cut for Prosecution.
  • Tangle Wire/Winter Orb: Did little testing on them, but each time I had them in hand I never saw a line where they were the best play. Not as good into the current meta (lots of permanents, either creatures or artifacts).
  • Sire Of Insanity: Actually never tested. We don't run a reanimation package and don't have a way to recover in the command zone. This might be helping other Tymna decks more than us.
  • Mirri, Weatherlight Duelist/Sidar Kondo of Jamuraa: Actually never tested. They help Najeela and it's tokens connect, but not 100% sold on either. Tetsuko Umezawa, Fugitive was taking their place, but even he got cut because it doesn't help Najeela attack safely.
  • Spirit of the Labyrinth: Tyman, Tymna, Tymna (and Sylvan Library). In the games I've played, Tymna has been a constant source of cards for my opponents, and even though it hurts us, I need to try it out since it seems we can work around it better than most. Situational against wheels and it does class with our card draw engines.

Pending test:

  • Arcane Laboratory: Never considered this card until after the initial testing. I haven't been able to try it but it should be a shoe in since we win through it?
  • Forest/Swamp/Island: Some or all of them could make their way in to break through Moon effects. Still not sure how to fit them in. Plains and Mountain are not required since removal for us is in Sultai colors.
  • Mental Misstep/Silence: Stack interaction that's next to try. Waiting for room to be available to include them.
  • Eldritch Evolution/Chord of Calling: Probably the 11th tutor.
  • Glen Elendra Archmage: Was used against me and it worked well on a clogged up board full of stax pieces.
  • Gemstone Caverns: Not sure we can survive with another colorless land (we technically already have one in Cascading Cataracts), but the ramp is real.
  • Homeward Path/Scavenger Grounds/Other utility lands: Not sure we can have the proper color fixing and run this lands, but might be worth trying.
  • Merfolk Trickster: Pseudo-removal that looks interesting. Not sure when or where to try it out. Also, not a fan of double blue.
  • Tendershoot Dryad: Helps us go extra wide, but that's not the direction I'm going right now. Still, one of the most powerful cards that we could include.
  • Timetwister: A suggestion I got. I feel we need draw engines that help us grind and won't fill our opponents hand. Still, I'm open to test it.
  • Laboratory Maniac: Alternative wincon with tainted pact?
  • Kataki, War's Wage/Anafenza, the Foremost/Containment Priest: Redundant stax pieces that I used to play but they got substituted by tutors. More testing required, specially for Priest.
  • Seasons Past: Ultimate recursion? Not sure it's what the deck needs.
  • Aurelia's Fury: We can leverage all the things, but the cost might be too much.
  • Possibility Storm: We can break parity and win, not sure it's worst it.
  • Secure the Wastes: Might be worth trying, but it's against the 'not-wide' approach I'm taking.
  • Contamination: Might be worth testing since Najeela can break parity. See comments for context.
  • Fiery Justice: It's sorcery speed, but it's a pseudo one-sided wrath.

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Join us at Discord: https://discord.gg/ynXVecV.

Special thanks to Apotheosis616 (combat), BestSmurgNA and Pongo_Pygmaeu5 for helping me with the math, and to tw0handt0uch and BestSmurgNA (yes, again) for overall great advice.


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