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Flavourful Kalamari

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This is a flavor deck based around Aboshan, Cephalid Emperor as the commander along with his wife and second-in-command, Llawan, Cephalid Empress , a swarm of cephalids, some changelings and mistform creatures and mild control to take over the skies. I based this deck roughly around the existing lore of Aboshan and added some of my own. Almost all of the cards have a cephalid or just a cephalopod in the art, name or atleast in the flavor text.

The basic idea of this deck is that since Aboshan lives in the water, he has no power over the skies, so he tries to overcome that weakness with an assortment tricks and schemes.

Firstly we have the army, (creatures) which consists of all of magic's cephalids, some mistforms and changelings which appear to Aboshan as cephalids, a few cephalopods like Thought Nibbler and Lorthos, the Tidemaker and a bunch of creatures of the deep such as Awoken Horror   , Reef Worm and Walking Sponge .

Then we have Aboshan's tricks and schemes (instants and sorceries). Most of these depict cephalids in the art or the flavor text like Deep Analysis and Aboshan's Desire and then we have a few cards which take control over the waters themselves like hight tide, Displacement Wave , Crush of Tentacles and Whelming Wave.

Next we have cards that interact with fliers with one way or the other, like Soratami Cloud Chariot , Levitation, Deluge and Flood .

Lastly, we have an assortment of trinkets (artifacts) that Aboshan has aquired over the years of his leadership such as Sol Ring (the engagement ring for Llawan), Skyshaper , Phyrexian Splicer , Soratami Cloud Chariot and the most important of them all: Mirari.


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