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I'm a very Spike-y deckbuilder, but I enjoy building my own decks instead of netdecking. This generally leads to problems in Legacy and Vintage, especially if, like me, you play in a competitive environment. Modern and Standard, however, have the right size card pool where a brew has a chance of success.

This deck only uses four werewolves, and it's much more similar to Delver than to RG Aggro. Essentially, the plan is to disrupt their plays in the early turns with various instants and Snapcasters, until we drop Huntmaster or another beatstick. At this point, it turns into a draw-attack-go deck. We can flip Huntmaster at will. Given that only seven cards in the deck are not instant-speed, we have lots of control over whether the wolves flip or not. This is similar, although less aggressive, to the RUG Delver list in Modern.

This deck is for post-rotation Standard. I would like to hear your opinions on my selection of spells. If you wish to change the creature base, know that Huntmaster and Snapcaster are always staying in. One quick question; is there any good instant speed recursion for creatures in standard? Thanks, and feel free to ask me to look at your decks.


Stonah says... #1

Hey man, I love the idea of this deck, and seems as though it could be quite strong. Just a thought of mine would be to knock down the number of Snapcaster Mage s by 1 or 2. If you put Delver of Secrets  Flip in, you can run Moonmist to force them all to Transform, and it fogs. I would drop a couple of Desperate Ravings for another Think Twice and moving another 1 or 2 counterspells in the mainboard. Eitther way, +1 definitely. Was just wondering if it would be ok for me to post a slightly altered version of the list and credit you, I think there is definitely some potential here. Please Reply!

September 23, 2012 9:43 p.m.

zapatos says... #2

Sure, feel free. I really want to develop this deck and a fresh set of eyes would be great!

With all of the graveyard feed, Snapcasters are usually the best cards in my deck. They can also flip Huntmasters back to build the horde and get two life, so I can't drop any of them.

However, I am willing to drop the Mayor of Avabruck  Flip s for Delvers. Usually, the Mayors don't add enough power to the board to be worth it. It would drop the number of wolves and make me feel like I'm selling out, but I'm a spike, not a scrub.

Moonmist seems to have too much potential to be dead. I don't need a fog, I've got 23 Instants and Sorceries, which should be good for Delver. I almost always can flip Huntmaster at will.

Your idea about adjusting Desperate Ravings and Think Twice to make room for counterspells is great. I'll definitely do that.

September 23, 2012 10:18 p.m.

Maxread says... #3

card:Runechanter's Pike looks like it was meant for this deck, I just can't figure where to fit it in. +1

September 23, 2012 11:32 p.m.

zapatos says... #4

Thanks, Maxread, it's appreciated.I agree with your suggestion. I have a lot of graveyard feed, but the only thing that benefits is Snapcaster Mage . One of the biggest problems with this deck is the volume of wasted cards. I'll cast a Thought Scour , and then wince as a Huntmaster of the Fells  Flip hits the grave and I don't even have a Moorland Haunt or something to retrieve it. I used to run 3x Noxious Revival , but after rotation, that's not possible.In terms of what to put in, I don't know. The list is really tight. The weakest link is probably Essence Scatter . Maybe I'll side it out and just bring it in against aggro decks. I'll try that for now.

September 24, 2012 7:46 p.m.

Maxread says... #5

Alright! Love the concept of 30 instant-speed spells.

September 24, 2012 8:33 p.m.

sparta2325 says... #6

Rewind is ok. But I would just play Syncopate it's better early game and its good late game too. Mizzium Mortars could be (is) really good with Snapcaster Mage. Look's good!

September 26, 2012 1:23 a.m.

zapatos says... #7

Thanks for contributing!There are two things about Syncopate that I do not like. Unless you're using it as a two mana Force Spike , Dissipate is always better, and this deck makes the double blue turn three every time. Second, Rewind lets me untap and cast Think Twice , Unsummon , Desperate Ravings , and a variety of other spells at the end of turn, whereas Syncopate pretty much forces you to tap out. Maybe I'll side it in against Zombies, when a two mana exiling Force Spike could be good. The card:Tormod's Crypts are looking kinda meh anyway.Mizzium Mortars is a sorcery, which makes me hesitate to play it. I'll test with it, and if it's good, I'll add it.Thanks again.

September 26, 2012 10:17 a.m.

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