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I'm a very Spike-y deckbuilder, but I enjoy building my own decks instead of netdecking. This generally leads to problems in Legacy and Vintage, especially if, like me, you play in a competitive environment. Modern and Standard, however, have the right size card pool where a brew has a chance of success.

This deck only uses four werewolves, and it's much more similar to Delver than to RG Aggro. Essentially, the plan is to disrupt their plays in the early turns with various instants and Snapcasters, until we drop Huntmaster or another beatstick. At this point, it turns into a draw-attack-go deck. We can flip Huntmaster at will. Given that only seven cards in the deck are not instant-speed, we have lots of control over whether the wolves flip or not. This is similar, although less aggressive, to the RUG Delver list in Modern.

This deck is for post-rotation Standard. I would like to hear your opinions on my selection of spells. If you wish to change the creature base, know that Huntmaster and Snapcaster are always staying in. One quick question; is there any good instant speed recursion for creatures in standard? Thanks, and feel free to ask me to look at your decks.



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