Welcome to my latest Ponza(ish) deck: A Flash version built around Repudiate / Replicate .

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and suggestions, either here or over on the Thoughts on UG Control thread !


  • Opponent activates a Fetchland? Well, for just 2 Green mana, a Repudiate in response means they destroy a land and go down a life ... for nothing :-D
  • Opponent transforms a Thing in the Ice? Repudiate the triggered ability and our team stays on the field.
  • Opponent wants to make us sac' a creature with Lili, put a Terminus on top with Jace, or ultimate whatever random Planeswalker they have? Repudiate the activated ability and we've totally turned the game around.
  • Opponent tries to Modular a ton of +1/+1 counters onto their attacking Inkmoth Nexus, wipe our board with an Oblivion Stone, Equip a Batterskull, Crew a Smuggler's Copter, etc, etc, etc? Repudiate gives us answers (or at least options) we never had in 'normal' Ponza.

Keeping two mana up is a VERY real cost though in a tap-out deck like Ponza, so I shifted to Flash creatures and Instant-speed effects.




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