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Fist of the Mortal Flame

Modern BR (Rakdos) Burn Theme/Gimmick




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Burn isn't unfamiliar but since the Amonkhet block, we've been given some useful tools to increase its potency to shift the archetype from a spellslinging aggro to more creature-heavy Aggro. The traditional burn package is still intact.

Lightning Bolt - the classic burn spell.

Rift Bolt - a suspended burn spell.

Lava Spike - the closest thing to another Lightning bolt that we got. While it's sorcery speed and can only target players, it's still very potent.

Bump in the Night - the black Laa Spike that forces an opponent to lose life rather than deals 3 damage. Flashback is also a nicety.

Shard Volley - Lowers our CMC down, and provides a situational 1-mana bolt at the cost of a land. Volleying someone in response to a pox effect or land destruction is magnificent.

Goblin Guide is a self-explanatory staple at this point. Played in every competitive format available, it's a fantastic T1 move that just jump starts your gameplan.

Monastery Swiftspear is another classic staple at this point. Prowess ensures it swings for a significant amount.

Eidolon of the Great Revel is another destructive and powerful creature that may hurt us, but assuredly hurts your opponent more.

Vexing Devil is my personal favourite. This little guy can punish an opponent on either end. It's either a 1-mana deal 4 damage now, or 1-mana 4/3 beater. And should they take the 4 damage and kill it, our new addition of Claim // Fame will punish them for doing so.

Grim Lavamancer is a good strategy to pitch cards to burn people, and gets around threats too large for our aggro dudes.

Claim // Fame was one of my most hyped cards from Hour of Devastation. I thought it would be jammed in any Modern Deck that could run it. While it hasn't really earned its place yet in the format, it absolutely has a home here. The vast majority of creatures we run can be reanimated and mid-game landbases could also afford to pump them and give them haste if need be. Claim//Fame is a phenomenal card in my opinion.

Destructive Revelry - is a great artifact or enchantment removal that also burns our opponent. This is one of the reasons why we're running green.

Dragon's Claw - is primarily for Mirror Matches. Most burn decks will assume we run Kor Firewalker and board in creature hate for Game 2&3.

Exquisite Firecraft - is a must against control decks, to really make sure the damage goes through.

Searing Blaze - fantastic removal vs creature strategies.

Collective Brutality - great modal spell that drains, removes early game dorks, and mini-duress's

Guerrilla Tactics - nifty way to work around discard spells.

Rampaging Ferocidon is a nifty creature from the Ixalan block that specializes in anti-lifegain, and globally harms anyone casting creatures. Token strategies, especially decks running Lingering Souls will start slowly getting chipped away.

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