After Ixalan block we can finally build a decent Merfolk deck. Thanks to a new commander Kumena, Tyrant of Orazca. This is a simple tribal deck. There is some cards in a maybeboard which should include here but I dont't have them and they are right now a little bit too expensive. I think this deck can do its things pretty well without them.

First thought about this build is it looks like 1vs1 type of deck. In multiplayer meta which includes lot of removal I don't think this deck gonna shine very well. Time will tell. Maybe this needs more removal and protection inside but in the other hand its seems very creature based aggro to me.

Deck includes:

  • Lots of draw and ramp. New explore ability is very nice here.

  • Islandwalk and unblockable. Fishes need to get through and hit face.

  • Lords, anthems and boost. There is always a bigger fish.

  • Colorful landscapes. Rainforests, waterfalls and oceans to bring nice flavor.

Hope you like this. :) Leave a like and of course give me some tips. :)

Here is my tiny leader version: Tiny Tropical Fish Soup

And here is Modern version: Modernic Tropical Fish Soup


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Four player game againts Sliver Overlord, Jeleva and Queen Marchesa. My deck wasn't in its final form and some key cards was missing. But still my won was very powerful :D Seahunter, Lullmage Mentor, Seedborn Muse and Arcane Adaptation made my victory possible. I really like to play with this deck :) I removed both Kiora, really don't need them. I will add more protection. Stay tuned!


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