My wife wanted something that had to do with the cards Sleep and Time of Ice so I bring you fish sticks!

Had to take out sleep as its just not as good as the flash drop of Dreamcaller Siren, and having both has proved a bit useless :T so I put in Deep Freeze to negate without having it leave the field.

She also wanted Surge Mare but it just wasn't going to fit really.

I will be testing this shortly, but it seems in theory like a really fun deck.

Thanks for reading my boring blah, blah, blah. Now to get to the core of the deck.

Early game can go a number of ways.

You can control a bit with Syncopate and draw with Opt.

If you get Curious Obsession + Siren Stormtamer then you're looking golden pony boy. You'll be dinking 2 hp in the air while drawing each hit to the opponent. Not a bad turn 2. Especially if you have an opt. That's a 2/2 with flying down and three cards drawn. Back to a full hand.

Turn three looks like turn 1 and 2 with a few more options, and they are Lookout's Dispersal and Deep Freeze. Lookout's Dispersal can also be used on turn 2 if you have... That's right Siren Stormtamer for that hard counter. No matter what they play, they won't have mana to tap the 4 cost.

Turn four is open to whatever you'd like to play. Maybe Time of Ice, Icy Manipulator, or hold the mana. If you hold it, then you're either going to counter with Syncopate, Lookout's Dispersal, or you're going to utilize Dreamcaller Siren prior to it being fully effective. But if you have it in hand and nothing else, then you'll most likely want to play it. From here its all about doing that flying damage, tapping potential threats, and then setting up for that win condition.

We currently have Nezahal, Primal Tide, but Fleet Swallower could be another fun win condition.

Now if you really want to win, then switch them out for Tempest Djinn

If you enjoyed the concept don't forget to upvote!

Not too keen on the lingo, but this is basically freeze your opponent from doing anything, and then send it all back to hand while you draw cards, and ping damage with your fly dudes. If they don't give up, you'll actually have a finisher with Nezahal, Primal Tide, Fleet Swallower, or Tempest Djinn.

It's also less than 30, and lower than a 3 mana curve... not too bad of a build if I don't say so myself.


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