I guess I'll start off by saying that this will be my first real life Commander deck. I've made decks and played online before, so I am definitely familiar with the format, but this is the deck I've chosen to invest in to actually start playing with a (hopefully) regular group. Commander is supposed to be about the social interaction, after all, and I never really liked playing against randoms online due to that lack of face-to-face interaction.

Anyway, I chose Yawgmoth to be my commander for three main reasons. The first is, hey, it's freakin' Yawgmoth. I've always liked the story and aesthetics of the Phyrexians, and Yawgmoth has always intrigued me as a character. The second reason would be his collective card text: he is reasonably costed and has some powerful, easily exploitable abilities. The most relevant one to me (and most others, I'm sure) is his card draw ability, and it's this effect that I've chosen to focus on. Finally, Yawgmoth being in mono-black made it easy to go budget with this list. Budget has always been what dissuaded me from playing paper Commander, so it was nice to finally see a commander that intrigued me and could be budgeted according to MtG standards.

The deck's gameplay is obviously "Aristocratic": sacrifice creatures to Yawgmoth for value, preferably with a Blood Artist style effect on board to prevent life loss and to whittle down opponents' lives. One of the deck's easiest wincons to pull off would be having two Undying creatures on board with a Blood Artist effect to repeatedly ping an opponent (preferably opponents, achieved with Zulaport Cutthroat or Vindictive Vampire ) until their life hits zero. That strategy is all good and fine and certainly reliable, but I thought it would quickly become too boring and predictable. Because of that, I wanted to try and personalize my deck a bit more by adding in a couple of creature stealing effects: Helm of Possession , Necroskitter , Demon of Dark Schemes , Ritual of the Machine , and Mimic Vat to some extent. I feel these cards are flavorful and work well with the deck's abilities, and hopefully will work well enough to instead use other people's creatures to win.

Since I will be using this deck in real life, I'd hate for it to be a wasted investment, so I'd like to receive as much advice and suggestions as I can and also opinions on the current list to see if I at least have a working and resilient deck.


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