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Plains/Swamp attempting to capitalize on soullink, spells to disable/destroy key enemy creatures and defensive creatures/spells to outlast.



Subtle_Kay says... #1

Okay, you don't need that much removal and you really can't have 73 cards in the deck. Are these all the cards you have to work with?

April 5, 2013 4:40 a.m.

Therax says... #2

I do not know what cards you have available to replace these with but I am going to provide you with a few cards I would recommend replacing. The Sanctuary Cat is an alright card but does not fit very well in this deck. I would also remove Bar the Door as you have better cards to play for three mana when your opponent is attacking you, such as Rebuke . Necrobite and Burden of Guilt are your two weakest pieces of removal and this deck already has plenty. A few more creatures would be better a better fit. In particular Vampire Nighthawk is excellent at both blocking in the early game and attacking latter on. This deck is also a little bit on the high side with mana cost. A couple of creatures in the two to three mana range would help if you constantly find yourself with a lot of cards in your hand that you would like to play and not enough mana to do so. May I recommend humans for the Skirsdag Flayer ? Currently this deck only has 6 humans, including himself. Some more Guardians of Akrasa or something similar is a good fit here as they can hold off early attackers and be traded in for a kill later on. There is a lot going on in this deck, but a few card swaps could go a long way towards streamlining and improving the deck.

April 8, 2013 12:31 a.m.

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