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Burning lifegain - Boros spell slinging

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I would like suggestions on how to buff this to be a bit better for FNM's. I win usually a win game once a week but I have some problems on doing enough damage to be a bit more controlling.

The main theme is to mass a incredibly large amount of life and either sit through waves of creatures attacks or convert that life to damage through Aetherflux Resivoir. Felidar Sovereign is a alternate win-con, as is Test of Endurance .

Any suggestions would be nice at all, I wanna tune this to be a bit better so I can keep up.

EDIT: I'm feeling like this deck is getting close to completion, I've won a fair number of commander nights at my LGS and feel confident piloting this deck. Still, if anyone has any idea on what to tweak or tune please let me know! I'm thinking of adding a Mana Crypt , Mox Diamond And the last bit of fetches I need to finish off the mana base. I am to make this deck my main deck and really have fun with boros!


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