Just a fun casual deck to play with my playgroup. Any advice on which cards to cut or add would be very helpful!

Some cool things you can do while your commander is out would be using a board wipe to heal a ton of health, or play white spells to ping down threats or players. You can also use a few creatures like stuffy doll to burn down opponents with something like blasphemous act. There are also a lot of cards in the deck to either copy or redirect other spells which can be used to help you in many ways depending on the situation; anywhere from dealing double damage to protecting your own cards from counterspells.

One of the wincons in this deck is if you get aetherflux reservoir. Using a hard hitting board wipe will easily get you enough health to start zapping people for a casual 50 health. Now if this gets countered or destroyed it is not a huge deal since you can usually just kill people by using burn spells on them, but it is a fun wincon if it happens to stick on the board long enough to use it.

This is more of a spellslinger deck and does not focus on creatures very much, but does include cards like darksteel plate and lightning greaves to help protect the commander.

I do know I might need to add more lands; just deciding on which cards to cut still.


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