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Fire Is The Doll's Vengeance




Here is a summary of why the cards in here are in here :P.

Stuffy Doll. Obviously the main card in the deck. Doesn't need much explaining.

Burning Vengeance. Stall's while I wait for Stuffy Doll to make an appearance. Can also deal some early damage.

Pillar of Flame and Geistflame can keep the board clear in the early turns while waiting for what I need.

Blasphemous Act works amazingly well with Stuffy Doll. It can save against aggro decks.

Mercurial Chemister is awesome with Stuffy Doll. Use his second ability to deal lots of damage to my opponent.

Firemind's Foresight is mainly in here to get discarded by Mercurial Chemister. 7 damage for a R? Yeah, I'll take it.

Into the Maw of Hell also works great with Stuffy Doll. Gives me some land hate as well.

Nivix Guildmage can win me the game by copying a Blasphemous Act or something like that.

Faithless Looting and Thought Scour can get my instants and sorcery's into the grave to flashback.

Think Twice is a staple. Draws me cards AND works with Burning Vengeance.

Comments and +1's are greatly appreciated!


Doing some cleaning.

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