U/W/G lock-down until Filibuster counters make you win.

Similar to Turbofog, this deck is an attempt to get some use from the Elocutors. I figure that since proliferate rotated out, using Temporal Mastery is the only way to increase the Filibuster counters fast enough to make it worthwhile.

+1's and Comments/Suggestions are welcome.

I am running this at FNM. I appreciate all the advice, as it has helped shape this deck and we're doing pretty well with it. It has no problem going a dozen turns against most decks. I like the Elocutors, but they are not getting me all the wins I need. Let's see if we can strengthen this a little and wrap it up.

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#10 in tournament @ World's Collide — Oct. 5, 2012

Though I placed 10 out of 19 people it was REALLY fun. I put in a couple Alchemist's Refuge just before heading out, a Sphinx's Revelation and Isperia, Supreme Judge.

Round 1, I won 2-0, against U/W aggro. Tamiyo got her emblem out for me, with a Fog in hand and an Elocutor on the board, so Filibusters won me first game cleanly. Then for game 2 we were over 20 turns into it, and a crowd had gathered. I top-decked a Door to Nothingness with an Alchemist's Refuge out, held onto it, he drew a land and at the end of his turn I flashed out the Door and activated it on my upkeep.

Round two: I won game 1 with Filibustering. But I made a critical mistake in game 2 against a very similar deck - Bant control, with Thragtusk/Restoration Angel win condition. I was at 1 life but had total control and 3 Filibuster counters on an Elocutor, and he had no creatures. I top-decked a Tamiyo and for some stupid reason tapped myself out to cast her. He flashed a Resto angel at the end of my turn and killed me with it. I had Safe Passage and Snapcaster Mage in my hand. sigh. He won game 3 as I got mana screwed.

Subsequently I had some bad games, and some really good games, but never recovered from that round 2 bungle. I won round 3, lost 4 & 5. I got some nice compliments on the deck, and I really enjoyed playing it. I definitely have to put in a stronger win condition, but I'll let the Elocutors hang around - probably a 2-of. Isperia only came out once but she ROCKED. Found myself having to use Supreme Verdict a few times while an Elocutor was out with counters on him, there must be a lesson in there somewhere. Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker killed me once - I found my defense against planeswalkers was lacking... maybe Pithing Needle? But Nevermore - my new favorite sideboard card! Leave it in sideboard so they don't bring in enchantment killers, and then bring it in for the awesome proactive countering! It's the greatest way to get around all the counter-killers available these days.


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