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This is a deck that's super unique in the way I built it, I've certainly never built a deck where the intention was to fight and potentially kill your own commander. This deck draws you a ton of cards and is a pretty early game combat powerhouse too. It's nice that Grothama draws us cards, but why should we let our opponents do that too? Let's buff Grothama or make him indestructible so they have a bunch of creatures fight him with the intention of card draw just to lose their creatures for nothing. Also, Grothama doesn't have a dies trigger, it's a "leaves the battlefield" trigger, which gives us potential for card draw by bouncing to our hand or by exiling in addition to the tried and true method of murdering our commander. In my playtesting this deck is actually pretty damn aggressive, and the card draw is phenomenal. Psychosis Crawler is a workhorse, and Endless Swarm is just so fun as a win-con too. Let's try making our commander unblockable too, might do some good things.


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