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This deck is about making sure my R/W humans are ready for "war." Using enchantments, instants and sorceries that say "creatures you control get..." on my humans is the main theme.

There are 3 sub themes. One of them is using cards like Banishing Stroke , Burden of Guilt , Curse of Exhaustion (etc) to "disable" my opponets spells.

The 2nd one are the abilities of creatures (which help deal quick damage) is the reason why I have 2x Pyreheart Wolf, 1x Angel of Glory's Rise , 1x Vexing Devil.

Vexing Devil leads me to the third and final sub theme... burn. Vexing Devil, Burning Oil , Burn at the Stake , and Bonfire of the Damned are the only burn cards but I needed another win condition. (and a reason to use Bonfire of the Damned :D)

The 4x Bladed Bracers and the 3x Gather the Townsfolk do not fit the themes, but go good in a human deck so I just assumed that it would fit great.


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