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Welcome to the jungle

...and hail to Godfather Windgrace, King of the Jungle, Bagheera's brother ;)

I try to build a deck that is falvourful with a good but not overpowered powerlevel. In results - my personal commander-decktech limits and goals:



  • Have nice politics (good answers in multiplayer)

  • Value baby, I love value!!!

  • Stay in flavour - it's a Jund-Jungle Landlord - as few artifacts as possible

Why I love fetchies

Other mentionable Synergies and Thoughts

The last aspect leads to a very important point in this verison of Windgrace: Learn, when to grab which land. This deck is very challenging for new players. You should know your manabase very well, otherwise you opponetns have to wait for very long thinkings in your turn ;)

Lets get this value-train rolling!!!


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