Built for me by Argy, to match my play style.

We're throwing a whole lot of Mentor in this batch to see what tasty brew we can produce.

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Sideboard Cards Explained

Banefire can:

  • Destroy large Creatures
  • Be an extra copy to get final damage through

Conclave Tribunal is good to use to:

  • Exile Indestructible permanents
  • Stop permanents like Rekindling Phoenix returning from the Graveyard
  • Take care of anything annoying
  • Play it earlier with Convoke
  • Shut down decks which have a lot of Enchantments like Seal Away or Ixalan's Binding

Deafening Clarion can:

  • Be an excellent board wipe
  • Demolish Goblin or Token decks
  • Help with Lifelink, if your life is low

Goblin Chainwhirler is:

  • Another board wipe
  • A 3/3 with First Strike, which can be useful against other Creatures with 3 Toughness
  • Useful to finish off an Opponent with its 1 point of damage

Invoke the Divine can:

  • Remove Artifacts and Enchantments
  • Help stall the game in your favour
  • Be used against decks which have a lot of Enchantments like Seal Away or Ixalan's Binding

Specific Sideboards

Goblins or Tokens


3x Make a Stand
4x Sheltering Light


3x Goblin Chainwhirler
4x Deafening Clarion



3x Banefire
1x Goblin Banneret
3x Make a Stand
4x Sheltering Light
3x Swiftblade Vindicator


4x Conclave Tribunal
4x Deafening Clarion
3x Goblin Chainwhirler
3x Invoke the Divine


4x Sheltering Light


4x Conclave Tribunal


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