Here's the battleplan:

  1. Get creatures in your graveyard.

  2. Reuse powerful creatures in your graveyard via Feldon of the Third Path

Here's some of the steps

Discard your creatures using looting effects. Trust me, I put quite a number of them in the deck.

Deal Broker

Mad Prophet

Magus of the Wheel

Rummaging Goblin

Magus of the Wheel

Knollspine Dragon

Trading Post

Burning Inquiry

Faithless Looting

Goblin Lore

Reforge the Soul

Tormenting Voice

Wild Guess

It is worth noting that Alhammarret's Archive has great synergy with looting effects. And with Wurmcoil.

There's also a couple of cards that don't need to be discarded because they can get themselves into the graveyard.

Firemaw Kavu

Magus of the Wheel



Goblin Welder gets a special mention here for being the single strongest 1 drop in the entire deck. The goblin is utterly ridiculous. He can reanimate artifacts easily, occasionally destroy artifacts of an opponent (provided they have one already in the graveyard), and pulls extra value out of Feldon's artifact tokens.

Use Feldon's ability to put artifact tokens that are a copy of a creature in your graveyard that have haste. Then, and this is important, you sacrifice it at the end of the turn. Now keep in mind that Feldon's ability costs . Reusing that ability by untapping requires more mana for each untap. This can be accomplished through mana ramp cards.

But Goblin Engineer is even better! Red finally has Entomb . You want to discard this little guy. When you reanimate him, you can tutor up Thousand-Year Elixir and than have the goblin sacrifice itself to bring it into play. Then untap Feldon and do it again! And when you're done getting all your synergy pieces, you can finish with finding someone like Combustible Gearhulk for future reanimation uses. Even though Goblin Engineer can't reanimate larger artifacts, he can still Entomb them.

Hoarding Dragon is a great reanimation target because he can tutor up many different artifacts. Maybe more draw with Alhammarret's Archive , or life with Wurmcoil Engine , or maybe the game is slow so he can get the combo pieces for Feldon.

Bogardan Hellkite , Firemaw Kavu , Inferno Titan , and Spitebellows are the damage dealers in this deck. Their purpose is generally to kill as many creatures as possible.

However, the absolute BEST card in my deck that does damage to creatures would have to be awarded to Balefire Dragon . He's a one-sided boardwipe.

Stingscourger , Duplicant , Hoard-Smelter Dragon , and Meteor Golem are special in that they can get rid of cards that are normally untouchable. The former 2 can hit creatures with indestructible while the latter 2 can hit artifacts.

Clone Shell , and Worldgorger Dragon . These guys are value machines. Clone Shell can steal you creatures from your deck when you want to build a boardstate. Worldgorger Dragon can both save you from boardwipes and also extremely accelerate your gameplan if you have a card like Thousand-Year Elixir that gives haste. It basically lets you untap your whole board and use it again.

Myr Battlesphere , Utvara Hellkite , Siege-Gang Commander and Wurmcoil Engine get you tokens, and lots of them. Sometimes you just need a lot of small creatures.

Molten Primordial , Pathrazer of Ulamog , and It That Betrays are generally the creatures that can seal the game on their own. Molten Primordial turns into Insurrection , while the 2 eldrazi can utterly devastate players. It That Betrays doubles as a value engine. Inferno Titan also can seal games on its own.

This card gets an honorable mention: Utvara Hellkite . Not only does he make tokens, he can easily throw the game in your favor. Very quickly. I once played a game where because of this card I did an average of 503 damage to each of my 4 opponents.

Did you honestly think that I would only want to use Feldon's ability once in a turn? Ridiculous. Ridikulus. Expecto patro... never mind. There are so many cards that can pull out the most amount of creatures from Feldon. Here they are.

Thousand-Year Elixir

Magewright's Stone

Illusionist's Bracers

Thornbite Staff

Sundial of the Infinite

Worldgorger Dragon

Those last two are going to need a little explaining. First: an introduction. Feldon's tokens must be sacrificed at "the beginning of the next end step." Notice how it only says the next end step. It'll trigger just once, so if you end the turn on top of the stack, guess what happens? The turn will be ended, and when that happens everything on the stack is exiled. Including triggered abilities. Now my card will never be sacrificed because it already triggered and failed.

Now, the dragon. Worldgorger Dragon exiles my battlefield and, when he dies, brings it all back untapped. He basically lets me use Feldon's abilities again as long as I have something like Thousand-Year Elixir that gives him haste at any time (i.e. not Lightning Greaves because they only equip at sorcery speed).

Now. Reusing Feldon's ability takes A LOT of mana. Like, metric tons of it. Especially when there are cards like Thornbite Staff that can let you use Feldon's ability a ton of times before your next untap step. For each activation you need , plus whatever amount of mana you're using to untap him. Just remember, only around 1/3 of it needs to be so colorless ramp works great. Here's my ramp cards.

Burnished Hart

Wild-Field Scarecrow

Solemn Simulacrum

Caged Sun

Dreamstone Hedron

Sol Ring

Thran Dynamo

Worn Powerstone

Myriad Landscape

That's how the deck runs, but there are lots of other factors involved in playing this deck, like looking innocent when you're really not. You'll either have to face it or use it to see how it really should run.

Last comment concerning how to play the deck. Feldon's ability has the little sentence saying "at the beginning of the next end step." That means if you activate it after the end step has started, you keep the token through until the next turn's beginning of the next end step. If you were to do this during the end step of the player who's turn is right before yours, then the tokens stay until your end step begins. However, Feldon untaps during your turn so you get to use him again. In other words, you can temporarily double up on the amount of tokens you'll have in a turn. 1 goes to 2, 2 goes to 4, 3 goes to 6. In other words, more Utvara Hellkite s ;)

I know there are a lot of players out there who are even more budget than me. Trust me, that is somewhat impressive. Okay, maybe not, but I know there are a lot of people who spend gold bars on this game. Here are the expensive cards and what you can possibly replace for them.

If you want to find the budget replacement for a specific card really fast, just use Control F, or Command F if you're using a mac, then type in the word you are searching for.

Balefire Dragon --> Steel Hellkite , Breaker of Armies , or Drakuseth, Maw of Flames

It That Betrays and Pathrazer of Ulamog --> Artisan of Kozilek , Bane of Bala Ged , or Ulamog's Crusher

Knollspine Dragon , Reforge the Soul --> Sandstone Oracle , Avaricious Dragon , Dream Pillager , Bedlam Reveler , or Chandra, Flamecaller

Kuldotha Forgemaster --> Scrap Mastery ? Not really a good replacement but whatever. Goblin Engineer

Wurmcoil Engine --> Chancellor of the Forge

Lightning Greaves --> Mask of Avacyn or Swiftfoot Boots . We don't talk about Champion's Helm in budget.

Thran Dynamo , Gilded Lotus , Sol Ring , Caged Sun , Extraplanar Lens --> Hedron Archive , Everflowing Chalice , Dreamstone Hedron , Mind Stone or any other mana rock you have

Meekstone -->no reaplacement. Maybe Thundermare ? If you want something gimmicky like that.

Myriad Landscape , Sea Gate Wreckage , Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle , Homeward Path , any other land--> Mountain

Solemn Simulacrum --> Skullclamp , Wild-Field Scarecrow , Burnished Hart , Filigree Familiar . Nothing does everything the Sad Robot does. They only do less of it better.

Hellkite Tyrant --> Tuktuk Scrapper or Ingot Chewer . If you can't have it, kill it.

Keldon Firebombers --> Shivan Harvest or Tyrant of Discord . Just make them hurt.

Thousand-Year Elixir , Illusionist's Bracers , Magewright's Stone , Sundial of the Infinite , Thornbite Staff -->I would not suggest skimping on any of these. They are too good. Budget option: Puppet Strings .

In terms of good budget cards other than the ones listed above, Vicious Shadows , Heartless Hidetsugu , Fanatic of Mogis , Mask of Memory , Sin Prodder , Ancient Stone Idol , Emissary of Grudges , Combat Celebrant , and especially Shivan Harvest (if you feel like being mean), are good budget adds. Also, cards in my maybeboard are cards I've considered adding into my maindeck, or want to add as soon as I get the card. If you have any of those cards, put them in your own Feldon deck.

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Updates Add


Pia and Kiran Nalaar . Slow token generator.

Steel Hellkite . Conditional removal.

Umbral Mantle . Slow.

Sarkhan's Triumph . Slow. Not necessary.

Dualcaster Mage . I've never used him.


Siege-Gang Commander . Faster token generator, easier damage.

Meteor Golem . Unconditional removal.

Mesmeric Orb . Generates value for free.

Blightsteel Colossus . I caved. I'm playing him.

Blade of Selves . Generates value.

I just replaced a bunch of lesser value cards for more efficient cards.

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