Behold the Emperor of the Sands! Join us, and be elevated!

Dude, why? T_T

Because I can! Just wanted to make an EDH based on Hazezon Tamar. I through about the Pigeon Emperor so... well... here's this deck.

Serious features maybe?

Well, first of all, you CANNOT make such a deck without adding several deserts. (Maybe you haven't seen I put deserts so now you know)

As you've certainly seen, this deck is not a real voltron (thanks Sherlock, that's why you did not put the voltron hub); it's more like a piece of garbage based on tokens which will defend their Emperor until death. So, let's talk about the important mechanics and cards:

Ramp mechanic

Hahahaha you really through I'd write everything like this? I've made custom categories, that's everything you need.

Keywords Translator (and free Pokemons) here:

  • Tokens'Muscles: Cards which are powering up your tokens.
  • YouShallNotPass: Well, just kind of control/defensive cards.
  • Ramp: Really?
  • Shurima: Just lands. (Shurima's Territory)
  • MoreTokenPlz: Dude do you really need me to explain this?

Well, don't know what else I can say exept than advice, suggestions and insults (espacialy this) are welcome.

PS: As you cannot play this deck without deserts, you cannot win without listening this all game long:


Updates Add

Well, I put many deserts in this deck, to keep it's flavour. However, I saw it has been appreciated so I think I will really REALLY try to improve it. The first step is to change my lands. Mana Crypt is a start. Well, even if it's an artifact, I see it as a land.


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