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Feed the Sphinx

Standard Mono-Blue


Sphinx's Tutelage for the win!

Cards such as Jeskai Sage, Jeskai Elder, Jhessian Thief, Zephyr Scribe, Artificer's Epiphany, Thopter Spy Network, and Hedron Archive are there to increase your draw to trigger your Sphinx.

Thopter Spy Network and Whirler Rogue together can make for some great card draw, token production, and can make some of your guys unblockable depending on what is needed.

Cards like Displacement Wave, Icy Blast, Disperse, and Skyline Cascade are there to lock down or clear out your opponents blockers so your Elders and/or Thieves can waltz through.

Zephyr Scribe is great. You can tap him at the end of your opponents turn, tap him at the start of your turn, play a spell to untap him, tap him again...you get the idea. I get ridiculous amounts of card draw out of this guy.

Rogue's Passage is also there to make creatures unblockable as needed.

Hedron Archive is great. Cast it for a prowess trigger or two depending on what creatures you have out, use it for mana as needed, sack it later to draw when your Sphinx is out.

Prism Ring is there to give you a little life gain which after a Displacement Wave can be pretty substantial if you recast it first and then cast all your blue guys again that got returned to your hand.

Learn from the Past made it in this deck because I noticed that with all the card draw I was decreasing my own library at a substantial rate.

Overall still testing it out to see what stays and what goes.


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