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Commander / EDH BG (Golgari) Budget Midrange NSFW Ramp Reanimator



What is there to say about this one?... I love the The Gitrog Monster, you love the The Gitrog Monster, erv'y body does. This deck is an excuse to play it.

There are no combos. Nor any real strategy to be found here. Just grinding with the Gitrog. The rest of the deck is basically just to support him. Mana-dorks and ramp spells that's it. Hope you enjoy.

This has become the catch all for sweet cards that I have removed from other decks or obtained in one way of another that don't have another home. "Throw it in the Gitrog deck! Its basically an Orphanage fire anyway!!" thats what I always say...

Scratch that. I made it bad again. Sometimes you need a truly terrible EDH deck to make you appreciate what a good one is. Think of this as a parody of a commander deck.

So after revising my other EDH decks I had some sweet stuff that was practically begging to be in this deck. To be honest this deck is an absolute blast to play... so it might as well have some good cards and some nice top end since it ramps so hard anyway. I wanted to leave this list intact so if anyone is on an ULTRA-BUDGET they can build this and play for basically nothing. The less shitty version of this deck can be found here: GITROG GRINDING!!

Grindcore recommendations:

PIZZA HI FIVE (Mincegrind from Lima, OH. If you can find it the split with Powercup is the quintessential release by them. BY FAR THE BEST!!)

Magrudergrind (Straight forward and punishing Grindcore from DC currently out of the Bronx)

Wormrot (CRUSHING, brutal but catchy grindcore from Singapore)

Archagathus (Micnegrind from Canada - start with "Coffee grinder")

HIRS (queer-as-hell grindcore collective from Philly)

Vermin Womb (Crust/Grind from Denver relentlessly heavy.. seriously just heavy as fuck)


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