Everyone's brewing for the new best Goblin build (at least until wizards gives us a good goblin-payoff-card finally...).

Jim Davis is kind of a pioneer on the modern Dirty Kitty build but have some struggles with it at beeing consistent.I wouldn't call it a "Goblin-Deck" either, since it has only 8 Goblins in it.

I also tried building a new mono red goblin deck using Warchief and Prospector as ramp, which a normal goblin tribal deck does not need looking back.But Fecundity can give it a new try.This build tries to keep up the 8-Whack spirit but has Fecundity as backup, when our gas is out.In this case, we are not dependent on the enchantment, which is hard to find aggressively in a tribal deck.

Compared with other 8-Whack builds, this deck lost some of it's aggressivenes but maybe won some constistence.I'm open for some suggestions and opions.


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