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Pierakor az Vinrenn D'rav, (from the Slovak word "pierko", meaning "feather")- better known as Feather, is a Boros Firemane angel, last survivor of the Szadek (Dimir) raid that killed every other Boros angel. We don't know what she did, but she survived due to being in penance serving in the Wojec League with her wings bound instead of with the others. Feather had been serving penance for hundreds of years when the raid occurred.

Feather took up her mantle as last remaining angel and stepped into the role of her former guildmaster Razia, Boros Archangel - as her parun before her she set about creating angels.

After some time of this, one of her creations, Aurelia, Exemplar of Justice rose up against her, claiming that a disgraced angel such as Feather had no right to rule. The rest of the angels supported Auralia in this and Feather was returned to her penance.

We are given no information on why Feather has been redeemed, but in War of the Spark Aurelia permitted her to fly with the rest of the angels. I certainly support Feather and her fascinating take on Boros as guild leader once more.

But hey, maybe that's why Aurelia had her locked up.

So when you splice onto arcane the effect becomes part of the original spell, thus if I have Feather, the Redeemed out and cast Ethereal Haze with lil old Into the Fray spliced on, feather will read it as a spell that has targeted a creature I control, and returns it at end step. repeatable two mana Fog anyone?

Thus you get multiple uses out of the non splicing arcane spells (and never run out of arcane spells to splice onto.) in addition to being exceptionally modular. It's a kind of build your own spell adventure.

Why does feather have magic from Kamagawa? I have no idea, but they work so well together.

Targeting: These are here for the express purpose of getting the non targeting arcane spells to repeat.

Blazing Shoal , a good place to put extra mana (which we'll get)

!! Blessed Breath , protection for Feather

Candles' Glow , protection, and also a massive source of life with Zada and damaging spells

Glacial Ray , damaging spells, useful as removal in a pinch

!!! Hundred-Talon Strike , this is the best in the bunch, this makes all your arcane spells repeatable targeting whatever they like all day long.

Into the Fray I've never used this on an opponent's creature - I suppose you could but in my mind it just says "target creature" for

Otherworldly Journey protection. We do have Pilgrim's Eye , Kor Cartographer , and occasionally precursor golem in here to benefit.

Overblaze stacking double strike. This is really fun with Burn at the Stake

Strange Inversion literally just here for the words "splice" and "target"

Not targeting:

!!! Desperate Ritual - this is our primary combo piece. Splice onto everything you can to make your cantrips go further

Ethereal Haze - really useful in a pinch, this, Martyrdom , and Intimidation Bolt can all protect you forever as long as feather remains in play.

Spiritual Visit - large quantities of tokens are our bread and butter

!! Crack the Earth - this one mana sorcery ends games.

Some specifically powerful combos: Desperate Ritual spliced onto a targeting arcane spell, with Zada, Hedron Grinder / Mirrorwing Dragon makes a lot of red mana. Splice it with Spiritual Visit , and every iteration roughly doubles the amount of mana gained.

Zada, Hedron Grinder / Mirrorwing Dragon + Crack the Earth + Spiritual Visit + a targeting arcane spell = you get permanents and nobody but the token player has anything. Annihilator = to the number of creatures you control, since you get to stack the resolution how you want and can thus sacrifice spirits instead of other permanents.

So intitally I had a lot more arcane spells in the deck, every arcane spell I could find in fact, and honestly it wasn't a very good deck, because honestly a lot of the arcane spells are pretty terrible.

My second attempt was to put in a lot of non arcane spells that searched out the good arcane spells with their cantrips. We can draw a lot of cards and get to the combos we want rather quickly.

A few allstars among the non arcane crowd.

Aurelia's Fury this card is removal, prevents people from disrupting our combos, and taps opponents creatures for offence or defense. Amazing.

Spawning Breath - removal in a pinch, makes creatures, makes mana - again there's so much here.

Shelter - if I could have a dozen more copies of shelter, protection with card draw is amazing.

Feather is extremely mana intensive to cast, - requiring exactly to cast. Typically I have less mana than things to do with it in late game - and both of these things point towards a higher colored mana ratio than I might otherwise have.

The only colorless mana producers in the deck are Reliquary Tower and Thought Vessel needed for their hand increasing blessings.

So eventually, the only targets are going to be our copy producers. Zada, Hedron Grinder / Mirrorwing Dragon / Precursor Golem . After we can get them out any other creatures are just bodycount. Also given that a number of our spells flip for creatures ( Indomitable Creativity and Divergent Transformations - looking specifically for these ones, our creature slots are limited. Creatures need to either make tokens, make mana, or do something really big and flashy like Silverclad Ferocidons (which is really great with Martyrdom and Ephemeral Shields )

I started the deck with a lot more heroic, I've kept the low cost ones for use early game, especially those that can up my body count for when zada/mirrorwing arrive.

Every creature should either benefit from being targeted, or from having an instant or sorcery cast.

The sideboard is a range of things to grab with Burning Wish - depending on what the board looks like.

Burn at the Stake , Grapeshot and Spiraling Embers are win conditions depending on what you've got.

Bonus Round is in there as a win more card that can tempo you past a stalemate.

Mizzix's Mastery and Finale of Promise are for when you've been having a hard time keeping feather out and a lot of stuff got in the graveyard.

Past in Flames flashback with get you your stuff back if you stack it right.

Seize the Day is repeatable extra combat phases when combat is going really well.

Settle Beyond Reality is repeatable removal as needed

Planar Cleansing and Chandra's Ignition are desperate cards or when you're way behind and just need to even the playing field.

Inner Fire is a pseudo Desperate Ritual

The story of Feather from Krenko's point of view

At Feather’s command, squadrons of battle angels swarmed out of the Parhelion II, unsheathing blades made of molten dawn.

desperate ritual

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