"Hi, solemn visitor! You have dwelled onto a Boros territory! Please leave your shanks and muskets at the door, as this territory offers peace and order. BOLLOCKS! Take 'em with you and make sure to beat some ass!"

After quite successful and FUN time of playing Boros Firesong and Sunspeaker (here is my list: Sing the Fire and Speak the Sun), I have found to absolutely love Feather . This is my take on the deck.
It is still work in progress and probably will be for quite some time, just like all of my decks. I don't take a casual approach on just playing bunch of cheap spells to target my creatures with but instead I mix it with the lifegain theme, burn and token generation.
The sideboard is not to cheat cards into my deck BEFORE the EDH game starts - they are to cheat cards into game DURING the game >:D using Golden Wish and Burning Wish . Sideboard consists only of Sorceries, Enchantments, and Artifacts as only these are fetchable with wishes.

Please do understand that I am still working on my primer and you will see it get better every day! Any suggestions are welcome. Keep your angry and unsatisfactory comments to yourself.


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