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Fear the Walking Swamp

Modern Landstill Mono-Black


This deck is designed to convert opponent lands into swamps early in the game with Contaminated Ground and Evil Presence, limiting the casting abilities and triggering swampwalk. Then you begin casting creatures with swampwalk or Fear. Eventually your opponent will be able to play enough non-swamp lands, or they are already playing a black deck and will begin casting countermeasures and creatures of their own. Utilize enchantments and artifacts such as Akroma's Memorial, Aphotic Wisps, Profane Command, or Sword of Light and Shadow to combine Fear and protection from Black effects. This will prevent you from taking combat damage, while your swamp walk creatures can attack without being blocked. Utilize lands such as Mortuary Mire and Memorial to Folly to bring back any creatures that may have been removed from the battlefield prematurely.


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