Work in progress but so far here is my FBLTHP The Lost deck. Win Cons include Goblin Charbelcher + Proteus Staff or Jace, Wielder of Mysteries + Tunnel Vision on yourself with help from FBLTHP. You can also use Tunnel Vision on your opponent. There are other ways of winning but overall your goal is to survive, find FBLTHP, lose FBLTHP, then find FBLTHP again and mayyybe win.


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Update. Deck has been working great!! The Jace Wielder and Tunnel Vision combo is doing work. Wanted to add some other game changers or possible win cons just for fun. Animatou's Augury is disgusting with Proteus Staff. I think Octopus Umbra is hilarious and works well with Commence the Endgame. Diviner's wand provides the chance for Fblthp himself to finish a game if the combo is done correctly hitting for that saucy commander damage. Enter the Infinite is an obvious add if you really want to enforce the Jace combo. Every combo runs off Proteus staff being able to rearrange things and so wanted to add sleep to give us more time to get things going. It can also lead to the killing blow when needed. Overall having a lot of fun with this deck and wanted to try to add other win conditions simply for the challenge. Let me know if you have any other ideas or possible combos!

Edited: Removed, Capsize, Mystic Confluence, Peel from Reality, and Spelltwine. Added, Animatou's Augury, Diviner's Wand, Octopus Umbra, and Sleep


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