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Favorable Pirates ($25 Budget Tempo)

Standard Budget Mono-Blue Tempo Tribal



Buff up evasive creatures while ruining their tempo and swing until theyve lost.

Obviously, the goal here is to be as budget as possible while still being effective so feel free to send some suggestions my way.

Heres an upgrade for those looking for something with a bit more oomph:

Azorius Winds

Standard Gim



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One of the biggest mistakes I made early on with this deck was being too focused on keeping the budget as low as possible, going so far as to forsake effectiveness.

Ive decided to change that.

Warkite Marauder finally hit a steady sub-$2 price, which is well worth it, and is replacing Siren Lookout (which honestly should have been replaced with Siren Reaver the moment it came out).

Ive also added a sideboard to help deal with issues the deck may run into.

Unsummon can help deal with pesky enemy flyers or slow down aggro decks.

2 more Hope of Ghirapur to ruin the day of Approach players.

Nimble Obstructionist can be used as a wonderful end turn flash-in to beat face the next turn or deal with problems we may otherwise not be able to interact with. Essentially a poor mans Disallow on a stick.

Negate because negate.

River's Rebuke is the closest thing to a boardwipe that we can get and this deck usually doesnt have an issue drawing into the mana needed to play it.

Supreme Will is just a super versatile card that really helps in the control match up.

And Sentinel Totem to deal with graveyards.

Thank you everyone for the support! Ive had a wonderful time evolving and playing this deck and I hope a lot of others have as well.


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-4 Siren Lookout main
+4 Warkite Marauder main
+2 Hope of Ghirapur side
+2 Supreme Will side
+2 Sentinel Totem side
+2 Negate side
+2 Nimble Obstructionist side
+4 Unsummon side
+1 River's Rebuke side
-4 Warkite Marauder maybe