Hello everyone, just wanted to share this wonderful deck. Your keycard is Favorable Winds and it is just fcking op because you can create thopter tockens with this deck and even use them to cast Maverick Thopterist which creates another 2 thopters, your removal is Harnessed Lightning in your mainboard and Lightning Strike in your sideboard. You also have counterspells which are Siren Stormtamer which is also fcking awesome, Censor and Negate. If and when you have created your tokens, just play Favorable Winds and all your flying creatures get +1/+1 so yea gg unless your opponent has a board wipe which you can just counterspell. another thing about this deck is if you cant kill e'm with your tokens, you still have Glorybringer and The Locust God there to help you.The Locust God creates tokens with flying and... wait for it.... HASTE mother*s

Thanks for reading all this shit and please upvote if you liked the deck and comment if you have got any feedback, constructive or not idgaf.

have a great day to anyone reading this.


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