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    This deck has gone through so many changes over the last few months. Originally, this was a Bant Enchantress/Voltron deck and I had a blast playing it. However, it was too easy to disrupt. Additionally, I created a Junk Hatebears deck that was having the same issue; fun to play, but easy to dismantle. Thus, I had a revelation and switched the concepts of those two decks. Thus, Bant Hatebears is born and it hasn't disappointed. Now with the release of Commander 2016,I added more utility with a small splash. Even though I know voltron is a weak strategy, nothing feels better than equipping a sword to a good creature then going to town with counter spell backup. After numerous games with voltron decks, I've found that creatures that restrict the board are best at holding swords.

Why Play Atraxa over Jenara?

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    Angel of Jubilation
    Cryptolith Rite
    Sanctum Prelate
    Elspeth, Knight-Errant
    Mother of Runes
    Containment Priest
    Kataki, War's Wage

    Sublime Archangel
    Birds of Paradise
    Academy Rector
    Living Plane
    Chromatic Lantern
    Seasons Past

    There was a major change with the removal of the Living Plane lock. I didnt take it out because it was bad. I took it out because of a few reasons. First, this deck doesnt have a reliable way of get it besides Eldritch Evolution on Academy Rector. There arent enough sac outlets. Second, the more competitive people that I play with on needed to see it once before they started looking out for it. Thus, the lock almost never happens, even with counterspell backup. Most of the time, I hated drawing either Academy Rectior or Living Planes because they were dead most of the time. Third, the lock was a little too much for more casual folks, to the point they just wont play unless I switched to something else.


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