WE GOT YAWGMOTH GUYS (Dr. Yawgmoth MD, not Yawgmoth the ineffable dark god, but still.) I was SO hoping we would get him so I could make a Phyrexian companion to my Weatherlight deck. It's like Christmas for me right now.

At first I wanted to try to build it using just OG Phyrexia cards, but I quickly realized how limiting that was as 1) Despite my nostalgia for them, most of those old cards just aren't very good by modern standards and 2) Yawgmoth was obviously designed with infect in mind. So it ended up as a hybrid of old and new Phyrexia. Still, I made some pretty major sacrifices at the expense of flavor- for example, cards like Sleeper Agent and Phyrexian Dreadnought don't really gel here mechanically speaking (Despite the potentially hilarious combos with Glistening Oil and Hatred respectively). Nor do Volrath the Fallen , Commander Greven il-Vec , and Ascendant Evincar for that matter, but I mean, the guy needs his generals. It's true that subbing in a bunch of the cards down in the maybeboard would make this an objectively better deck, but dangit, if we're finally getting Yawgmoth on a card there's no way I'm not taking it straight to flavortown.

Enjoy! And of course, praise the Lord of the Wastes, may he deliver us from the weaknesses of our flesh and compel us ever toward perfection in life, in death, and in between.


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