First pass at an EDH Astral Slide build, inspired by Willem-Jan Rensink's Aminatou "Exile Matters" build:

Astral Slide has long been one of my favorite Legacy decks in spite of its comparative weakness, and with a new redundant piece in Astral Drift , I decided to see if it could work in EDH. If you're not familiar, Astral Slide decks typically try to generate value by flickering creatures with ETB effects and disrupt the board state by flickering opponent's creatures. This deck seeks to generate additional value by adding Eldrazi processors into the mix.

In case you've forgotten (and you could certainly be forgiven for that- Battle for Zendikar kinda sucked), processors have abilities that work by putting your opponent's exiled cards into their graveyard. There weren't a whole lot of particularly good ones, but they're fun and have very unique flavor, drawing on a resource most cards can't even touch.

So the deck's main plan is to just generate value by flickering our creatures, sticking our opponent's stuff in exile, and processing it. This most easily accomplished by cycling stuff with Astral Drift and Astral Slide on the board. Using Sundial of the Infinite to end the turn before the end step ensures we keep those cards exiled, giving us plenty of fodder for our processors. In the event that our EXTREME VALUE plan isn't working, we've got a couple of combo wins in the deck as well:


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