This deck, is dedicated to my home town Jesenik and its beautiful forests, especially the place called the Moss lake in Rejviz locality. It is based on cast mana cheap efficient creatures plus a bit of removal and discard control. My main aim was to build a deck which is not expensive but still can be competitive.

"There is a place on the earth like no other. Imagine a forest where the trees grow so thickest that you canĀ“t even see the light of a sky or wonders which hides below. A forest from the old times when the gods walk the earth and now the epic battle rages between the encroaching civilization of man and the gods who dwell in the forest. It comes the time when the forces of nature do not intend to continue to suffer and they will do anything to survive. Birds stop singing. Wood crunch. Howl of the pack in the distance. Overrun."


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