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3xFalkenrath Aristocrat is the main win-condition card. This card is huge and is often an surprise in the first matches against several decks in modern and this card can win at his own. She can protect herself very good from common removal, what can be very frustrating for your opponent, expect for path to exile. There are also some Humans in this deck for her to eat.

2xZulaport Cutthroat & 2xBlood Artist this two guys can be super good for your game and health especially with a lot of creatures on the board. Falkenrath can finish the game with these guys and her sac ability on your creatures, to finish the game even quicker! They only question thats unclear who performs better zulaport or the artist in this deck.

2xVoldaren Pariah   this card is the other huge win condition and surprise in this deck. The deck has many discard possibilties to cast her for only 3 black mana. But she needs a board in best case with spirit / vampire tokens. Dont forget you can sac these 3 creatures in response to a removal! With the manabase it shouldnt be that difficult to cast her for her madness cost either. When she can do her job the game is for so many opponents just over. For certain Matchup's (like Tokens) she is an option to board out.

1xBloodsoaked Champion this guy fits very well in this deck plan. He is a human that can be eaten by Falkenrath and he is a option to discard, because he can come back easily from the graveyard. And he is in my experience a good early path to exile magnet! I like this trade. Downside: not the best topdeck.

2xViscera Seer he is an super one drop for this deck and we can sac every creature with him and in certain sceneraios this can be huge together with zulaport or artist. And he adds a nice scry effect for grindy matchups.

3xAsylum Visitor We run a lot of discard and she brings madness with her and thats the reason i run her actually. you can include budget reasons too. She dont hurt that much and brings an additional card for me in the game when i need it at most. And in general i think she is underrated for aggro, she can attack for a lot of damage! I thought about to add 1xStensia Masquerade because of her in this deck. But the card seems a bit slow..

2xDark Confidant (test)


4xLingering Souls this card can act as a win con too, especially in this deck with all the sacrifice options too. This is the card i like to draw always! and this card is also an discard option in certain scenarios. This card brings everything we want and is a no-brainer.

3xDoomed Traveler this guy brings a flying body when he dies for a very good price and we can use him to sac for falkenrath. Perfect for this deck.

2xCall the Bloodline looks very slow and this card is slow, but we run so many options for this card to become actually good, especially when the game goes longer and is good against control matchups. The lifelink and the fact that this card produces vampires tokens is very cool! You have always a tool to create necessary tokens for our finisher and we run so many cards that like to be discarded. (Bitterblossm is an option too, but dont add an discard mechanic for our madness cards).


2xCollective Brutality this card is just too good in modern and i have the possibility to catch an dangerous removal from our opponent. And i like the +cost discard mechanic of this card for this deck!

3xFaithless Looting with this card you can create better hands very quick (which is actually huge, we dont run blue but we have Faithless Looting ;-)) but technically you lose a card, BUT with madness/flashback cards you can fix this downside too! The Flashback option in the late game can safe you some wins too.

3xFiery Temper a super card to discard and the card is suddenly a one drop Lightning Bolt.

3xPath to Exile is for the threats we cant get rid of or are super annoying from our opponent. Against more combo/controlish matchups i would run 3xThoughtseize from the sideboard.

1xKolaghan's Command gives us so much value and options and i always like to run one of these super card. The fact that this card brings u a creature back is awesome too.


The manabase should be fine for all costs in the cards and to hit 4 mana in most scenarios for Falkenrath. Basics-Lands are here against Blood Moon. We run 7 fetch lans.

1xWestvale Abbey   it can happen, it can..

2xGhost Quarter just because we never now..


  • every card in this decks trys to be not a bad topdeck, this makes a deck always so much better.

  • so many modern decks runs black because of discard and this deck cant get hurt that much from cards like Thoughtseize! We run Call to the Netherworld too.

  • Aristocrat drain plans are good against aggro creature matchups.

Sideboard description follows..

Suggestions and upvotes are appreciated!


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