My version of the Blood Artist deck.

The idea here is to have mass tokens with Blood Artist out. Any board wipes benefit me in life gain to life lost. With Falkenrath Aristocrat I have a sac mechanic and also a monster on the field. Very hard to kill an Aristocrat with a bunch of human tokens on the field.

Lots of win cons in this deck. Blood Artist & any board wipe. Falkenrath Aristocrat.... Sorin tokens and Intangible Virtues for big token punches.

+1s and suggestions would be great.


Updates Add

Added/Removed cards for the very anticipated RtR. Seems like some of these cards were made exactly for this deck.

-3 Suture Priest-1 Increasing Devotion-2 Day of Judgment-2 Bloodline Keeper  Flip

removed for...

+3 Dreadbore+2 Mizzium Mortars+3 Guttersnipe

Looks great :)


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